Explore the captivating stories and milestones that have shaped the brand identity of Gargash Insurance.

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Gargash Insurance's Dedicated Approach to Expedite Claims Processing After Recent Floods

Get an inside look at how Gargash Insurance is approaching claims processing post-floods in this exclusive interview with Khaleej Times.

02 May 2024
Pravasi Protection Plan- Group Life Insurance- Gargash Insurance- insurance broker- UAE
Comprehensive Coverage for Indian Workers with Pravasi Protection Plan (PPP): Gargash Insurance

Read about the Pravasi Protection Plan (PPP), a tailored insurance solution designed for the Indian workforce in the UAE. This collaborative effort between the Indian Consulate, Orient Insurance, & Gargash Insurance Services ensures financial security for workers' families.

28 Mar 2024
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Navigating Trends & Opportunities in UAE’s Broking Industry: Gargash Insurance

Explore the changing landscape of the broking industry in UAE with exclusive insights from Gargash Insurance's Executive Director, Mr. Suresh Nair, featured in 'Middle East Insurance Review' magazine.

14 Mar 2024
Gargash Insurance- insurance broker- UAE
Gargash Insurance Forecasts Insurance Sector Growth Amid Population & Infrastructure Expansion

Gargash Insurance predicts strong growth in the UAE insurance industry for FY 2024, driven by population increase and infrastructure development projects.

27 Feb 2024
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The Impact of Consolidation on Insurance Brokers–An Exclusive Interview with Gargash Insurance

Learn how insurance providers in the UAE can benefit from industry consolidation for increased efficiency and profitability in this interview with our executive director, Mr. Suresh Nair featured in Khaleej Times.

25 Jan 2024
Gargash Insurance- insurance broker- insurance industry- UAE
Key Trends & Challenges to Impact the Health Insurance Industry in 2024: Gargash Insurance

Gain exclusive insights into the key trends and challenges set to transform the health insurance industry in 2024 in this interview with Mr. Rajendran Murkkoth by Khaleej Times.

02 Jan 2024
Gargash Insurance- CII London- Insurance Broker- UAE
CII London Appoints Gargash Insurance's Executive Director as Vice-President

Read about the appointment of Gargash Insurance's Executive Director as Vice-President at CII London, showcasing industry recognition and leadership in the insurance sector.

21 Dec 2023
Gargash Insurance- cyber insurance- insurance brokers- business insurance- SME insurance- UAE
The Significance of Cyber Insurance for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMEs)

Discover the importance of cyber insurance for SMEs in protecting businesses from digital threats. Gain valuable insights from Gargash Insurance's Managing Director, Mr. Mustafa Vazayil, in his exclusive interview with Khaleej Times.

28 Nov 2023
Gargash Insurance- insurance broker- SME insurance- business insurance- UAE
Gargash Insurance Highlights Insufficient Coverage Among SMEs, with Nearly 50% at Risk

Gain valuable insights on the potential risks faced by SMEs due to insufficient coverage through this detailed report by our Managing Director, Mr. Mustafa Vazayil, featured in Khaleej Times.

26 Oct 2023
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A Trusted Name in Insurance: The History of Gargash Insurance

Learn about Gargash Insurance's rich legacy as an insurance broker & how it continues to shape the industry as the preferred choice for insurance solutions

05 Oct 2023
business insurance- commercial insurance- corporate insurance- Gargash Insurance brokers- UAE
Growth of Commercial Insurance in UAE Fueled by MSME Sector: Gargash Insurance

Learn about the significant impact of UAE's MSME sector on the growth of commercial insurance. Get expert perspectives on insuring SMEs from this insightful article by Gargash Insurance's MD, Mr. Mustafa Vazayil.

02 May 2023
digital transformation- insurtech- Gargash Insurance- insurance brokers- UAE
The Impact of Digital Technology & AI on UAE's Insurance Sector: Gargash Insurance

Learn how digital technology & AI-based algorithms are impacting decision-making by providing insurers with valuable customer behavior insights in this insightful article by Mr. Suresh Nair, our Executive Director.

14 Mar 2023
digital transformation- insurtech- Gargash Insurance- insurance broker- UAE
The Role of Digital Transformation in Driving Growth in the Insurance Industry: Insights from Gargash Insurance

Discover insightful perspectives on how digital transformation fuels growth in the insurance industry through an exclusive interview with Gargash Insurance's management, M. Rajendran and Mr. Mustafa Vazayil, as featured in Khaleej Times.

02 Feb 2023
Gargash Insurance- health insurance- medical insurance- insurance industry- insurance broker- UAE
Navigating Rising Healthcare Benefit Costs: Insights from Gargash Insurance for the Health Insurance Industry

Stay informed on the latest trends and solutions for rising healthcare benefit costs with Gargash Insurance. Read this interview of our Managing Director, Mr. Mustafa Vazayil with Khaleej Times for tips to optimize your strategies in the health insurance industry.

29 Dec 2022
Gargash Insurance- insurance broker- UAE
Gargash Insurance: Leading the Way in Technology-Driven Insurance Solutions

Discover how Gargash Insurance is leveraging AI and technology to meet evolving customer needs and seize growth opportunities in the UAE market in this insightful interview of our MD, Mr. Mustafa Vazayil by Khaleej Times.

01 Dec 2022
Gargash Insurance- insurance broker- Fitze partnership- insurance industry- UAE
Gargash Insurance Teams Up with Fitze UAE to Launch Wellness Initiative

Gargash Insurance and Fitze UAE joined forces to prioritize wellness and incentivise efforts taken by UAE residents. Discover how this partnership is making a difference in this article featured in Khaleej Times.

22 Nov 2022
Goodwill Ambassador of CII
Goodwill Ambassador of CII - Mr. Suresh Nair

Mr. Suresh Nair, our Executive Director is an insurance professional with over two decades of insurance experience, extensive knowledge of the insurance brokering industry is the Goodwill Ambassador of CII

09 Aug 2018