Key Trends & Challenges to Impact the Health Insurance Industry in 2024: Gargash Insurance

Gargash Insurance- insurance broker- insurance industry- UAE 02 Jan, 2024

Gain exclusive insights into the key trends and challenges set to transform the health insurance industry in 2024 in this interview with Mr. Rajendran Murkkoth by Khaleej Times.

The health insurance industry in the UAE is expected to experience various trends and challenges in 2024. These include the growing emphasis on mental health and preventive care.

In the coming year, it will be crucial for employers to closely monitor their claims experience, understand the needs of their workforce, and develop strategic plans to manage costs effectively in the long term. Cost containment will be a significant challenge for employers and insurers not only in the UAE but also globally.

Insurers in the UAE are considering expanding coverage to include mental well-being and learning-related issues. Additionally, there is a growing focus on preventive measures, with insurance companies actively becoming partners in promoting well-being through initiatives such as wearable technology, telemedicine, and health gaming apps.

Get valuable insights from Rajendran Murkkoth, Deputy Managing Director at Gargash Insurance, on the latest trends shaping the UAE's health insurance industry in 2024 and strategies to tackle rising medical costs

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