Gargash Insurance's Dedicated Approach to Expedite Claims Processing After Recent Floods

Gargash Insurance- insurance claims- car claims- property claims- claims processing- insurance broker- UAE 02 May, 2024

Get an inside look at how Gargash Insurance is approaching claims processing post-floods in this exclusive interview with Khaleej Times.

Following the recent rains that caused widespread flooding across the UAE, Gargash Insurance has witnessed an unprecedented increase in motor insurance claims. 

The heavy rainfall caught residents off guard, resulting in significant damage to vehicles and properties. Many cars were stranded on roads, forcing motorists to abandon their vehicles.

Our claims team at Gargash Insurance is working tirelessly, around the clock, to help customers initiate the claims process and ensure accurate documentation, as we have received over 700 claims across the emirates, which is five times our average numbers.

We advise our customers to have a comprehensive motor insurance policy with appropriate cover extension to protect against such incidents.

To handle the rising number of claims, we have formed a special task force, doubled our claims workforce, and even worked on weekends to ensure prompt claims processing and vehicle repairs.

Our digital platform has been instrumental in keeping customers informed and facilitating online claim registration, allowing for faster processing with uploaded documents and dedicated claims officers assigned to each request.

Click here for more details on our strategies to ensure seamless claims processing for customers.


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