Health Insurance in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah UAE | Buy Online

Health Insurance in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah UAE | Buy Online
Health Insurance in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah UAE | Buy Online

Health Insurance Online for Individuals & Families 

Adequate Health Insurance coverage is the need of the hour for you and your family. Our wide range of health insurance plans from various leading insurers includes health insurance policies that meet the mandatory health insurance requirements in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai. Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and the Department of Health Abu Dhabi (DOH), have mandated compulsory health insurance for all citizens in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our team of experienced insurance professionals will assist you to get the best health insurance as per your needs and requirements. Additionally, we will also be taking due care of any servicing and claims requirements that may arise during the tenure of your policy. 

What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a way to provide financial coverage against medical expenses, incurred in the event of  hospitalization, illness or injury . It can also coverscover pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization needs. Health insurance canmust be purchased by individuals, families, and employers. It will also provides worldwide coverage,  benefit of cashless treatments at network hospitals and other benefits during the tenure of the policy. Add-on coverages can also be availed to cover special risks with nominal increase in premium

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Types of Health Insurance Plans in the UAE

Health insurance is a crucial and mandatory requirement in the UAE.Following are different types of Health insurance coverages that you can opt for, to meet your specific insurance needs 

Individual Health Insurance

As their name implies, individual medical insurance plans are provided to a single policyholder by insurance companies in the UAE. It provides financial protection from certain illnesses along with a number of advantages like access to network hospitals, cashless treatments, pre- and post-hospitalization, and others. The coverage for this policy is limited to a single policyholder.

Family Health Insurance

Family health insurance plans are the best option to safeguard your family’s health in an affordable manner. Family health insurance covers two or more people of the same family for a fixed sum assured in exchange for a single annual premium .. You can choose family plans to cover your entire family under a single insurance plan rather than buying individual medical insurance policies for each member of your family. Family health insurance policies often only allow you, your spouse, and your children to be policyholders (pre-specified). It also provides coverage, in case two or more members of a family are hospitalized or are diagnosed with any ailment, at the same time.

Employee or Group Health Insurance

Employers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are legally obliged to offer group health insurance to their employees. An employee health insurance or group health insurance plan is bought by an employer for their employees. It offers the employees healthcare services which include, physician consultations, diagnostic tests/procedures, pharmacy, physiotherapy, maternity benefits, medical conditions or bodily injuries requiring hospitalization, day-care services, emergency hospital services etc. .  These plans are designed to safeguard employees' health and their financial security. 

Domestic Workers Health Insurance

You can also cover your domestic help/maids if their gross monthly salary is under AED 4000 per month. Such insurance is currently mandatory for Dubai Visa Holders and Abu Dhabi Visa Holders. 

Northern Emirates Health Insurance

Northern Emirates Health Insurance is a type of plan that provides individual medical insurance to Northern Emirates visa holders. This includes the regions of Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al-Quwain. It covers  a comprehensive range of medical services  which are hospitalization, physician consultations, diagnostic test/procedures, pharmacy, physiotherapy, maternity benefits etc

Investors Health Insurance

Investor health insurance is meant for those who are looking to protect their health and financial future at the same time. This type of health insurance plan offers medical coverage for investors and their dependents. 

The plan generally covers inpatient and outpatient treatment, emergency services, laboratory test services and more. It usually covers healthcare services which include  basic healthcare services, like hospitalization, doctors’ visits, and treatments.  hospitalization, physician consultations, diagnostic test/procedures, pharmacy, physiotherapy, maternity benefits, medical conditions or bodily injuries requiring hospitalization, day-care services, Emergency hospital services etc.

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As the UAE’s leading insurance brokers, our team of Health Insurance experts will be happy to assist you with optimum health insurance solutions in Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi

  • Products compliant with the Department of Health Abu Dhabi (DOH) and Dubai Health Authority (DHA) directives
  • Enhanced cost-effective options with wider benefits tailored to individual and family needs.
  • Advice from experts to choose the best product from a wide range of options
  • Complete peace of mind in the event of any medical exigencies – with our claim assistance service.

Benefits of a Health Insurance Policy

  • Availing medical services at an affordable cost

    Opting for a health insurance plan has numerous benefits. Young and healthy individuals can avail of plans at lower rates and reap the benefits of extensive coverage options as they grow older. Most policies have a pre-existing waiting period which is applicable if you are suffering from any pre-existing health condition /ailments illnesses. This period will be negligible while you are still young and healthy, thus giving you the advantage of exhaustive coverage that will prove useful if you fall ill later in life
  • Coverage of unforeseen medical expenses

    While an unforeseen illness can lead to mental anguish and stress, there is another side to dealing with health conditions that can leave you drained – the expenses of medical treatments. Having the right health insurance policy with the right coverage can help in managing medical expenditures for you and your family
  • To deal with the medical inflation of the medical expenses

    Medical costs have dramatically risen lately. So, in case of a medical emergency, consumers end up spending their savings, which takes a toll on their future life goals.
  • Changing lifestyle

    The tectonic shift in our lifestyle has made us more prone to a wide range of health disorders. Commuting, hectic work schedules, bad eating habits, quality of food, stress, and rising pollution levels have increased the risk of developing health problems at a young age. Hence, having a health insurance policy to manage health expenses is very important. Health insurance will also provide you with medical check-ups at network hospitals during the tenure of your coverage.
  • Safeguard financial security

    Health insurance provides  a much-needed financial backup at times of medical emergencies and avoids erosion of savings for future life goals

What does a health insurance policy cover?

The health insurance policies in the UAE cover:
  • Worldwide coverage

The members can obtain coverage for medical expenses across the world, including their home country, subject to the opted policy terms and conditions.

  • Access to major medical providers 

As per the health insurance plan chosen, there are medical care providers across multiple specialties that will provide health care services to you as per the benefits listed under your coverage. These multiple medical specialists can be found in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other emirates. 

  • Hospitalization Cost & Direct Billing 

Hospitals across multiple specialties have a contract to provide health care services to policyholders of a valid and enforced health insurance policy. There are multiple medical care providers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other emirates. Since the UAE has an expansive healthcare system, a health insurance policyholder can avail of treatments from medical providers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other emirates, subject to the terms of the policy.

  • Annual health check-ups

Members can avail annual health check-ups, which include routine screening tests to ensure health and well-being, identify diseases at a treatable stage, etc

  • Coverage of inpatient and outside treatment 

The insurance policy ensures coverage of both in-patient and outpatient services within network facilities.

  • Comprehensive coverage/Coverage of inpatient and outpatient treatment.

Health Insurance Plans offering extensive coverage acts as a financial pillow in case of medical emergencies. Unlike basic health insurance plans, a comprehensive policy covers outpatient as well as inpatient treatments, including consultations, medical tests as well as hospital stays.

  • Emergency cover

The Emergency Medical benefit covers treatment for an unexpected illness or injury or any life-threatening conditions which are generally unforeseen that can erode your savings.

  • Vaccination & Inoculations of Kids 

Covers the cost of immunizations and preventive health care services as per your health insurance plan. 

What does a health insurance policy not cover?

A health insurance policy in UAE does not cover the following:

  • Certain categories of terminal illnesses will not be covered.
  • Plastic surgery, hormone related treatments, cosmetic procedures, weight reduction surgery etc
  • Optical treatment & Dental cover are optional add ons and will not be covered value-added benefits & will be part of higher enhanced plans.
  • Maternity is not mandatorily covered in the Northern Emirates plan & could have a waiting period of 12 months for non-working married females.
  • Undeclared pregnancy will not be covered for the entire policy period.
  • Injuries caused by terrorism/war/suicide attempt/nuclear activity

What Factors Affect Health Insurance Premiums in the UAE?

The cost of health insurance coverage in the UAE is influenced by several factors. These can include:

  • Pre-existing medical condition
  • Age of the policyholder
  • Geographic location
  • Individual vs Family enrolment
  • Policy tenure
  • Tobacco usage
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Medical History
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) of individuals
  • Type of coverage you are opting for
  • Previous health insurance claims 

How to choose a health insurance plan for your parents?

While selecting a health insurance plan for your parents, below must be kept in mind:

  • Coverage

As our parents age they might become more vulnerable and susceptible to illness and diseases, due to which the need for higher coverage increases. This also causes an increase in the health insurance premium. In the absence of a suitable health insurance plan, the healthcare expense can be exponentially larger hence a health insurance plan is a worthwhile investment to safeguard the health of your parents. 

  • Pre-existing illness and waiting periods

For parents with pre-existing health conditions this is one of the most important factors to consider while choosing a health insurance policy. It is important to choose a health insurance plan which covers pre-existing illness suitably and preferably has a shorter waiting period so they can avail the required treatments in a timely manner

  • Hospital Network

The UAE has a robust network of hospitals and clinics,  spanning across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other emirates. While choosing a health insurance plan for your parents, ensure your network includes their preferred hospitals, any specialist clinics if required and also clinics and hospitals that are easily accessible in case of unfortunate medical emergencies

  • Simple Claims Process

In case of illness or injury, the additional stress of a strenuous claims process is definitely not something you’d want for your parents. A simple and hassle free claims process  is important while selecting a health insurance plan for your parents

How to apply for health insurance online in UAE?

You can apply for health insurance online policy in 3 easy steps.

Step 1 Click on Get a quote and fill in the quotation form with your name, contact details, coverage type, other family details, pre-existing conditions, any other specific requirements.

Step 2 - After submission of your enquiry, one of our health insurance experts will reach out to you with specific health insurance quotes.

Step 3 - You can choose any of the quote and confirm your health insurance policy

What are the documents required for filing a claim in a health insurance policy?

The documents required for filing a health insurance claim in UAE are:

    • Claims reimbursement form of the respective TPA/Insurers
    • Original copy of Bills & invoices related to the treatment taken
    • Doctor’s reports with sign and stamp
    • Diagnostics and lab test reports
    • Hardcopy of the insurance UAE or policy details of the insured
    • Banking details of the insured

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do I need health insurance?

In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, health insurance is mandatory for all citizens and residents. It is also required for most foreign workers who are in Dubai and Abu Dhabi  on a temporary or contract basis. 

The main reason to have health insurance in the UAE is to protect yourself and your family from financial strain incase of injury or illness. Medical treatments in the UAE can be quite expensive, and without health insurance, you may find it difficult to pay for them Finally, health insurance can also provide peace of mind in knowing that you and your family will be taken care of in the unfortunate situation of illness or accident.

What does health insurance cover?

Your health insurance coverage can vary from insurance company to company, so you should check the Table of benefits listed under the policy of your choice

Some of the coverage you can avail of under the health insurance plan is as below:

  • Maternity Cover - This includes the prenatal, postnatal, and delivery expenses.
  • Emergency cover - This covers treatment for an unexpected illness or injury or any life-threatening conditions in case of medical emergencies.
  • Vaccination cover for the kids – This will cover the cost of immunizations and preventive care services.
  • Diagnostic test & treatments – This will cover the medically indicated tests, diagnoses, treatments, and surgeries in hospitals for non-urgent medical cases.
  • Outpatient Services – This covers services like consultation, lab/radiology tests, and pharmaceutical/medicine.
  • Inpatient Services – Any treatment which requires more than 12 hours of admission is referred to as inpatient services, and the same will be covered as per the terms agreed in your plan.
  • Day care – This covers any day care admission for any small procedures.

You can also opt for additional cover for eye care and dental care to boost your health insurance cover. 

How much does health insurance cost in the UAE?

The cost of health insurance in the UAE is dependent on a number of factors which include age, overall health of the policyholder, pre-existing conditions, insurance provider, and the type of coverage you opt for etc. There are two types of health insurance plans - Basic and Enhanced. The basic health insurance plans can start from as little as AED 1.6/Day

What documents do I need to submit for a medical claim reimbursement?

Some of the documents you will need to submit when filing for your medical claim reimbursement include:

  • Duly filled out claim form of the concerned insurance company / TPA, signed and stamped by the treating doctor with beneficiary signature
  • All official itemized invoices with the service details
  • Payment proof such as official receipts, paid stamps, card payment slips, etc.
  • Prescription from the treating doctor for all the medications availed and for optical items.
  • All the diagnostic reports including but not limited to Laboratory and Radiology reports
  • Referral letter from specialist consultant and progress reports (after every 5 sessions) for claims related to physiotherapy treatment/ chiropractic treatment
  • Discharge summary with the operative notes(for surgical treatment) for all the inpatient, daycare, emergency admissions
  • Medical Report with injury details (when, where and how) for claims related to any kind of injuries
  • Medical Insurance card copy
  • Bank Details (if applicable)
  • Copy of passport showing exit and entry stamp for the treatments done outside UAE
  • A police report in case of accident (if covered under medical policy)

What should be done if an insurer doesn’t carry their medical card to avail a medical service at a health care provider?

  • These days most of the policies are card-less policy is activated on the Emirates ID and medical insurance policy is linked through the member’s Emirates ID
  • Emirates ID is a mandatory requirement for all medical providers.
  • Members Can Use Insurer or TPA Mobile Application, if applicable
  • Members Can Use ECARDS, if applicable 

How does health insurance work in Dubai?

In accordance with the Health Insurance Law of Dubai, all residents are mandated to have a basic health insurance policy that covers the minimum health benefits that are recommended by the Dubai Health Authority. In fact, Visa applications are only accepted if the applicant has purchased a health insurance policy. 

Can a person have more than one health insurance policy?

As per the law, a person cannot have dual health insurance coverage in the UAE. You are permitted to have only one policy. That is why it is important to carefully evaluate your needs, and seek the help of an insurance broker to get the best policy as per your needs and requirements.

Is there any waiting period for claims under a policy?

The waiting period refers to the time duration after the issuance of the health insurance policy, after which the policyholder is eligible to file a claim. Usually waiting periods apply only for first-time policy issuance and not renewals. Health insurance policies have differing waiting periods based on the type of health insurance, diseases, etc.

What is a pre-existing condition in a health insurance policy?

A pre-existing condition in health insurance is any health condition that an individual has before enrolment in a health insurance plan. 

Declaration of pre-existing conditions/ailments/illnesses is important as it will ensure the coverage of treatment of illness from day one & will also assist the insurance company in underwriting the policy before inception to cover any future costs of treatment. Undeclared conditions will not be covered by the insurer for the entire policy period and will be declared a violation of the insurance principle of utmost good faith.

What is the maximum number of claims allowed over a year for a health insurance policy in UAE?

During the health insurance policy period, there is no set limit on the number of claims that can be registered. The number of claims depends on the sum insured and any other terms and conditions specified in health insurance policy.