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Home Insurance



Your home and contents are your precious assets carved out of your savings over a lifetime. We offer Home Insurance policies which cover the following:

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Building (if you are the owner)
  • Structure
  • Terraces, garages, swimming pools, walls, gates, etc.
  • Landlords or Owners fixtures and fittings, etc.
Household Contents 
  • Furniture
  • Household goods
  • Electrical appliances and other valuables
Personal Possessions 
  • Unspecified valuables like clothing and other personal effects up to a certain limit
  • Specified valuables like expensive jewellery, watches, mobile phones, laptops and other personal equipment
  • Sports equipment, pedal cycles and other accessories

These are covered whilst at home or whilst outside your home under your possession

  • Policy is extended to cover your Third-Party Liability as an occupier (tenant or an owner).
  • Additional cover includes personal accident for domestic workers.