The Impact of Digital Technology & AI on UAE's Insurance Sector: Gargash Insurance

digital transformation- insurtech- Gargash Insurance- insurance brokers- UAE 14 Mar, 2023

Learn how digital technology & AI-based algorithms are impacting decision-making by providing insurers with valuable customer behavior insights in this insightful article by Mr. Suresh Nair, our Executive Director.

Digital technology is transforming UAE's insurance industry and benefiting consumers, insurance companies, and brokers alike. However, the fragmented and siloed nature of data remains a challenge for the evolution of insurtech in the region.

Implementing technologies like robotic process automation (RPA) can lead to operational efficiency, cost savings, and improved customer engagement.

AI-based algorithms can provide insurers with insights into customer behavior enabling them to make more informed decisions.

Read this informative article by our Executive Director, Mr. Suresh Nair on how technology is transforming the insurance industry.

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