August 09, 2018

Goodwill Ambassador of CII - Mr. Suresh Nair

Goodwill Ambassador of CII

Mr. Suresh Nair, our Executive Director is an insurance professional with over two decades of insurance experience, extensive knowledge of the insurance brokering industry is the Goodwill Ambassador of CII

Mr. Suresh has been an insurance professional with over two decades of experience and is currently the Executive Director at Gargash Insurance Services who are a broker based in Dubai.

Previously Suresh worked in a senior capacity with Oman National Insurance Company in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. Prior to that he worked with the National Insurance Company in India.

His qualifications include being a Fellow of both the Chartered Insurance Institute and the Insurance Institute of India, holding an MBA in Marketing from the Birla Institute of Technology and a B.Sc from the Osmania University.

Mr. Suresh regularly contributes thought leadership articles on insurance and risk management to specialised trade press and has also presented papers at conferences and seminars on insurance.

He is an active member of the Emirates Insurance Association technical committee for insurance brokers and loss adjusters.

In his spare time Mr. Suresh likes to stay in touch with unraveling developments in quantum physics, multiverses and the grand unified theory (without necessarily understanding most of it!) and enjoys oil painting, with active encouragement (and fiery criticism) from his wife Jyothi and daughter Aishwarya.

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