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Pet Insurance
pet insurance

Pet Insurance in UAE

Pet insurance policies provide essential coverage for the well-being of your beloved furry companions. It covers charges for treatments of your beloved pets from qualified and registered veterinarians in the UAE.

These policies offer a wide range of benefits, ensuring your pets receive the best care without causing financial strain. With pet insurance, veterinary expenses, including routine check-ups, vaccinations, surgeries, and preventive treatments, are covered.

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What are the benefits of pet insurance coverage in the UAE?

Pet insurance plan benefits include:

  • Medical coverage for Pets
  • Treatment from registered veterinarians in the UAE
  • Financial support for pet owners
  • Pet Examinations
  • Death/ Injury Cover
  • Third Party Liability Cover
  • Direct Billing Option for Claims
  • Home Vaccination & Preventative Care

How much does Pet Insurance cost in Dubai?

Pet insurance premium rates depend on factors such as:

  • Age of your pet
  • Breed
  • Size and Weight
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Sum insured amount chosen

What is covered under pet insurance?

  • Lifetime coverage to protect your pet as it gets older
  • Vet Fees coverage upto AED 30,000/year
  • Accident Injury Cover
  • Surgery & Hospitalization Cover
  • Cover for Death by Accident
  • Preventative Care
  • Third-Party Liability coverage upto AED 125,000/year
  • Loss by theft, advertising, complementary treatment as add-ons

Other Add-Ons:

  • Prescription food
  • Complimentary Treatment
  • Cruciate ligament repairs
  • CT/ MRI cost
  • Loss by theft or straying
  • Advertising and reward costs
  • Euthanasia and Cremation

Why is pet insurance important?

Pet insurance is becoming increasingly popular in the UAE as more and more pet owners are realizing the benefits of having their pets covered by insurance. Pet insurance in the UAE typically covers veterinary fees, including consultation fees, diagnostic tests, surgeries, and medication.

Pet insurance allows pet owners to prioritize their pet's health and promptly address any medical concerns. Additionally, in the unfortunate event of an accident or illness, pet insurance policies often cover emergency treatments, surgeries, and hospital stays. This invaluable coverage ensures that your pets can receive life-saving procedures without hassles.

Furthermore, pet insurance often extends its coverage to include medication costs and specialized diets prescribed by veterinarians to manage chronic conditions. This comprehensive approach ensures that your pet receives the necessary medications and nutrition they require for optimal health. Pet insurance policies also offer additional benefits such as coverage for lost or stolen pets. 

How to buy Pet insurance in UAE?

To buy pet insurance in UAE, you can start by researching different insurance providers and their policies. Once you have a list of potential options, reach out to an insurance broker who specializes in pet insurance. They will help you compare the policies and prices offered by different providers, ensuring that you find the best coverage for your pet at competitive rates. Finally, after carefully considering all the options and advice provided by the broker, you can make an informed decision and proceed with purchasing the chosen policy for your beloved pet. 

Why choose Gargash Insurance for your pet insurance needs?

There are several reasons why Gargash Insurance is the ideal choice for your pet insurance needs.

Insurance brokers have access to a wide range of insurance providers, allowing them to compare different policies and find the best coverage at the most competitive prices. Our team of insurance brokers will help you find coverage options that can be customized to fit your specific requirements and budget. By working with an insurance broker, you can save time and effort while ensuring that you make an informed decision regarding your pet's insurance coverage. 

It's important to note that pet insurance policies can vary widely in terms of coverage and cost, so it's important to carefully compare policies and understand the terms and conditions before purchasing a policy. Additionally, some policies may have restrictions based on the age, breed, or health status of the pet, so it's important to check the policy details carefully. With Gargash Insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that your beloved pet is protected and well taken care of.