Comprehensive Coverage for Indian Workers with Pravasi Protection Plan (PPP): Gargash Insurance

Pravasi Protection Plan- Group Life Insurance- Gargash Insurance- insurance broker- UAE 28 Mar, 2024

Read about the Pravasi Protection Plan (PPP), a tailored insurance solution designed for the Indian workforce in the UAE. This collaborative effort between the Indian Consulate, Orient Insurance, & Gargash Insurance Services ensures financial security for workers' families.

The Pravasi Protection Plan (PPP) is tailored for the Indian workforce in the UAE, offering comprehensive coverage beyond workplace accidents. It aims to enhance the welfare of Indian workers, who often lack life insurance, leaving their families vulnerable.

The plan is affordable for corporates and SMEs, with a minimum requirement of employees. It provides worldwide coverage, including natural deaths and accidental disabilities. Launched in 2024, the Pravasi Protection Plan (PPP) has garnered interest from UAE companies, and Gargash Insurance Services plans to expand its reach.

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