Gargash Insurance: Leading the Way in Technology-Driven Insurance Solutions

Gargash Insurance- insurance broker- UAE 01 Dec, 2022

Discover how Gargash Insurance is leveraging AI and technology to meet evolving customer needs and seize growth opportunities in the UAE market in this insightful interview of our MD, Mr. Mustafa Vazayil by Khaleej Times.

The insurance sector in the UAE is expected to continue growing due to the expansion of the country's economy, particularly in Dubai. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of health insurance, leading to increased awareness and demand for enhanced coverage. 

Gargash Insurance, a leading insurance intermediary in the UAE, is revolutionizing its business with AI and new-age technology to fuel its next phase of growth. Gargash Insurance has a strong presence in the industry and has been investing in technology and innovation to stay ahead. 

Learn about the post-pandemic surge in the insurance sector, fueled by the booming UAE economy and the increased awareness of health insurance. Get insights from Mustafa O. Vazayil, Managing Director of Gargash Insurance, as he shares his vision for the future of the insurance industry.

Don't miss this exclusive interview with Mustafa O. Vazayil, Managing Director of Gargash Insurance by Khaleej Times.

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