Navigating Rising Healthcare Benefit Costs: Insights from Gargash Insurance for the Health Insurance Industry

Gargash Insurance- health insurance- medical insurance- insurance industry- insurance broker- UAE 29 Dec, 2022

Stay informed on the latest trends and solutions for rising healthcare benefit costs with Gargash Insurance. Read this interview of our Managing Director, Mr. Mustafa Vazayil with Khaleej Times for tips to optimize your strategies in the health insurance industry.

Rising healthcare benefit costs present a significant challenge to the health insurance industry, driven by disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This global phenomenon has led to increased inflationary pressures and is expected to raise healthcare costs across regions.

Managing these costs is crucial post-pandemic, as they impact insurance companies' bottom lines and necessitate higher insurance premiums. Misuse of insurance policies, such as bypassing primary care providers for specialist consultations, further contributes to escalating costs.

Additionally, there is a growing demand for portability in health insurance policies, particularly in the UAE, to address the needs of individuals above the age of 50 seeking career changes, early retirement, or international relocations. 

Read this interview of our Managing Director, Mr. Mustafa Vazayil on the latest trends dominating the health insurance industry. 

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