What is the Free Annual Health Check-up & How can you Avail it?

What is the Free Annual Health Check-up & How can you avail it? - Gargash Insurance 18 Sep, 2022

Get regular check-ups to detect early and cure earlier. Know more about Free Annual Health Check-ups and how you can make use of them every year.

The fast-paced life we live has led to the dismissal of our health and wellbeing. There is little conscious effort in making time for our body and attending to its needs. With increasing stress and changing lifestyles, there has been an increase in chronic illnesses meanwhile there is a general disregard for our own health. Having a health insurance policy is only one of things you can do to look out for yourself. A health insurance policy in the UAE covers most of your major medical expenses but it also has the lesser known benefit of an annual health check-up

This article discusses the Free Annual Health Check-up and explains how you can make use of it every year.

What is the Free Annual Health Check-up?

The free annual health check up is an added benefit to your health insurance plan that offers a free health assessment once a year if you haven’t made any claims throughout that year. It acts as a preventive measure to check for any early symptoms or risk factors for chronic and serious illnesses. It involves a complete assessment of all vital organs to check for any abnormalities. An early diagnosis of a serious illness can help address it in its early stages and prevent complications.

Lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and kidney impairment etc. are better diagnosed early on. They require conscious changes in daily habits in order to be controlled. In this context, a free annual health check-up monitors these diseases, it is not only life saving but also cost-efficient.  

How do I avail it?

In order to avail your free health check up the first step is to reach out to your health insurance broker or provider by calling or visiting their office to schedule an appointment. If required, fill out the online application form and submit all necessary documentation. After receiving the application the insurance agent will review your policy details and verify the documents submitted. Once this is complete they will approve your request and provide you with an authorization letter that confirms your eligibility for the complimentary health check up.

Your insurance provider will then inform you about the locations where you can avail this service – it includes partnered medical centres. Alternatively, should you choose to go to a testing facility of your preference, the amount spent on medical testing can be reimbursed by the insurance provider.

Once your appointment is confirmed with a partnered medical centre, you are required to carry the authorization letter issued by your provider along with your health card. This facility is offered free of cost and any diagnoses during these checkups will not affect your health insurance premium.

What tests are covered under it?

  • Blood Sugar Test
  • Urine Test
  • Blood Count Test
  • Cholesterol Check-up
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • PPBS (postprandial/lunch blood sugar)

This complimentary medical examination is an added benefit to your health insurance policy which isn’t utilized enough. With this additional information, make use of it in order to keep track of your health and prevent any chronic illnesses.  

To find health insurance plans, that include free annual check ups along with other benefits, contact our team of health insurance experts!


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