What You'll Need While Purchasing Health Insurance in UAE?

 What You'll Need While Purchasing Health Insurance in UAE? - Gargash Insurance 16 Sep, 2022

Planning to buy health insurance in UAE? Choosing the right health insurance plan is very important. Read more to find out the perfect insurance plan for you.

Health insurance or medical insurance is insurance coverage that covers parts, or the entire medical cost incurred when a person is ill. Health insurance requires a premium to be paid in exchange for medical consultancy, prescription medications, etc. Choosing the apt insurance plan to suit your needs can be tricky as there tend to be variables, such as the network of hospitals, type of medication, and doctors. Nevertheless, health insurance in UAE is crucial, especially in times of need.

Importance of health insurance in the UAE

To safeguard you and your family

Obtaining health insurance in UAE will ensure the best possible healthcare for you and your loved ones. Health insurance policies are especially helpful in emergencies and times of need when consulting fees, and prescription medicines are expensive. Lastly, acquiring health insurance in UAE will ensure peace of mind.

Beneficial in times of medical inflation

In times of economic crises and uncertainties, inflation rates might impact medical costs. When that happens, the prices of necessities increase, including most prescription drugs and medicine, causing considerable worry and inconvenience. Thus, a health insurance plan will make sure that you remain unaffected by external factors.

 Access to affordable healthcare

Owning a health insurance plan will enable access to affordable healthcare. When one has health insurance coverage in UAE, theyare only required to pay a percentage of the consultancy fees and prescription medicines. Some insurance policies even cover the entire cost of the medicines, so patients are only required to pay a percentage for doctor consultations. This proves beneficial as it ensures the insured has access to healthcare.

Help, when you need it

There are times when finances and budgets tend to be tighter and many think twice about wanting to visit and consult a doctor. Where the decision is understandable, it is not advisable to ignore health concerns due to tighter finances. For these instances, health insurance in UAE comes in handy. For times that you feel unwell or ill, despite your financial situation, you are guaranteed reasonable, affordable healthcare at covered networks. 

With that, what are the documents required while purchasing health insurance in UAE?

Purchasing health insurance in UAE is not as difficult as it seems, in fact, it only requires a few customary documents and you’re good to go!

Pre-requisites to purchasing health insurance in UAE

But first, when applying for or purchasing health insurance in UAE, there are pre-requisites you need to ensure.

  • A resident of the UAE
  • Health insurance must be government-approved

Documents required while purchasing health insurance

Below are the documents required while acquiring health insurance in UAE:

  • Passport with visa copy (original and copy)
  • Valid UAE ID (Original and copy)
  • Passport-sized photographs (at least 2-3 copies)
  • Proof of address in UAE
  • Proof of marriage (for Spouse visa)
  • Proof of enrollment (for child dependents in UAE)

Tips when buying health insurance in UAE

Now that we’ve established the documents required while purchasing health insurance in UAE, it can still be intimidating to choose which plan or insurance provider to choose from. Thus, here are tips to follow when acquiring a health insurance plan:

  • Find the coverage that meets your needs

There are many health insurance plans out there, each offering many perks, coverages, and benefits at many price points.You can work with a reliable insurance broker to find a plan that meets you needs . Not to mention, many health insurance providers in UAE also present many flexible payment options.

  • Compare various health insurance plans

As said, the market for health insurance plans in UAE is massive. When choosing a health insurance plan for you or your family, make sure to opt for the best possible plan by comparing various insurance plans in UAE. Do not “settle” for one that does not suit your needs.

  • Take networks and coverages into consideration

When considering health insurance coverages, make sure you take into consideration the network of clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies covered in the insurance plan. In the UAE, it is rather common for certain branches of the same hospital/clinic in a particular area to NOT be covered. Even upon purchase, check the sheet of approved health insurance plans in UAE and see what fits your convenience.

  • Ensure a timely purchase of health insurance

the need for health insurance is truly crucial, especially in times of need. So, compare, choose, and purchase one at the soonest before it is too late.

  • Coverage for pre-existing medical conditions

If you have pre-existing medical conditions, ensure your health insurance plan covers the treatments/checkups etc. for the same. Most health insurance plans in UAE also have a waiting period attached during which treatments might not be covered. It is important to disclose your medical history to your insurance broker so they can find the most suitable plan for you

  • Check service reviews

Service is important– it is crucial to choose a health insurance broker or provider that is reliable.  This is because, when the need arises, you should be able to rely on their timely and accommodating service. Good service goes a long way, thus make it a point to check reviews on various platforms when opting for health insurance in UAE. It is

Health insurance in UAE is vital, for a multitude of reasons. From convenience, to benefit in dire times, to affordability in the long term, and finally, best access to healthcare. It is advised to get insured as soon as possible without delay to avoid issues in the future. To understand the coverage and benefits of numerous health insurance plans in UAE, please contact our team of experts today


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