Happy World Health Day - Healthy Lifestyle Tips for All Stages of Life

Happy World Health Day - Healthy Lifestyle Tips for All Stages of Life 07 Apr, 2022

It is said that the human body is the best picture of the human soul. If we have a healthy and fit body, it will display the state of the soul that resides in it.


The contemporary lifestyle has had us busy and always hustling due to indispensable responsibilities like careers, family, children, related responsibilities, etc. While these are fulfilling, they are often highly demanding, sometimes conflicting, and consequently create insurmountable stress. Prolonged periods of stress can often be draining of our energy mentally and physically. While it might be tempting and even temporarily soothing to lean into unhealthy habits during periods of stress, eventually it is the healthy habits that would help us manage and even reduce the stresses that multiple often conflicting responsibilities pose.

While adopting healthy habits, several things need to be considered, like overall fitness, lifestyle, responsibilities, etc,

Age too is an important factor to consider. As universal as the concept of health is, healthy habits look different at different stages of life, what might be healthy for a certain age might look like unhealthy over-exertion for another.

On this World Health Day, we bring to you, the most effective and practical health care tips that apply to different age groups

Health tips for Children & Teenagers:

  1. Limit screen time

    With the growing dependency on technology and gadgets for studying, entertainment, socializing, etc, the amount of screen time for children and teenagers has substantially increased. Increased screen time leads to deteriorating eyesight and compels children and teenagers to adopt a sedentary lifestyle, which creates lethargy, weight gain, and other physical health problems. It also has an impact on mental health as well, increased screen time has been closely associated with irritability, mood swings, and even anxiety and depression. Hence it is very important for children and teenagers to occasionally ditch the screens and explore other avenues for learning and entertainment
  2. Regular and healthy eating habits 

    The importance of nutrition during growing years cannot be emphasized enough, children and teenagers need diverse and nutritious meals to support their growth and development, this is also the time for adults to create awareness about nutrition and the importance of eating on time, to create lifelong healthy habits among children and young adults.

Health tips for adults

  1. Better management of stress 

    Juggling work pressures, family responsibilities, social life, etc can often create stress for adults. It is important to develop healthy mechanisms to curb and tackle the pressures of everyday lives. Regular exercising, investing time in hobbies, spending quality with your loved ones, meditation, journaling are few ways that can enable better management of stress
  2. Meal planning

    Health is 80% nutrition. To have control of our meals amidst a busy lifestyle, meal planning is extremely important. Prepping for healthy meals for the week will ensure you are not relying on takeout and mindlessly snacking. Moreover, cooking is known to be therapeutic and meal prepping will save you some extra bucks, you can learn more about the benefits of cooking at home here

Health tips for people over 50

  1. Regular check-ups 

    Precaution is better than cure! As we age our bodies might become more vulnerable to diseases. To be on top of our health after 50, regular check-ups are crucial. These checks can help detect and reveal the early onset of potential diseases and in turn, curb them. These check-ups can also bring peace of mind to loved ones, to ensure these check-ups are not financially straining, investing in a comprehensive health insurance plan is important
  2. Emotional connection

    as we get older, we might have more free time on our hands. It is very important to use this extra time wisely by investing in hobbies and forming and sustaining meaningful emotional connections with those around us. Prolonged isolation can cause depression which can subsequently lead to dementia and other disorders.

Besides the above-listed health tips, there are certain practices that ensure good health and well-being for all age groups

Healthy Lifestyle Tips for All Ages 

  1. Nutritious meals

    Eating a diverse and nutritious diet that is rich in micro-nutrients and fulfils your macro-nutrient requirements is important for good health. Food is fuel, and fuelling your body with nutrient-dense foods is a sure shot way to a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Work it out 

    Physical activity not just helps you become fitter but also works as a mood booster and energy stimulator. Taking up a physical activity that you enjoy like yoga, dancing, gym workouts, walking can bring you better physical and mental health
  3. Invest in health insurance 

    For UAE residents, health insurance is mandatory. However, it is important to invest in comprehensive health insurance that can cover important medical. Even if you are at the peak of your health, health or medical insurance is important for unforeseen emergencies, accidents, etc. You can find out more about our health insurance plans here 


On world health day, take the pledge to prioritize and better your physical and mental health. Our health gets affected by the health of those around us, so share this article with your loved ones to remind them to prioritize their health

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