June 27, 2021

Newborn Babies Covered under Health Insurance

Protect your beloved newborns even after arriving into this world against uncertainties and financial distress that may arise.

Newborns bring in a lot of joy and happiness in every family. When expecting parents-to-be wish for anything, they wish for that the baby born is healthy and safe. Every woman in her pregnancy takes care of herself and the baby for safe delivery, but there are times where mothers go through complicated pregnancies due to various factors such as health conditions, age, and others. Parents, naturally, would want their newborn to be safe and no potential complications.

Most of us would know that the residents would have active insurance to take care of their health. Thanks to the regulators of the region for  Maternity as a mandatory benefit of every policy. The policy is usually defined from the period of pregnancy to the delivery and is taken care of by the medical insurance policy.

The question that arises here is once the newborn is delivered, and should any complications arise, such as the need for the newborn to be kept in Intensive care (or NICU), the newborn has jaundice or the possibility of other complications. These Healthcare costs can be unpredictable and have parents of the newborn paying from their savings or borrowings such as a loan. This can bring in a lot of financial implication along with a lot of mental distress. What if these costs are taken care of? Yes, you heard that right.

Who would incur these costs? Will it be the parents as the newborn has no insurance??

The answer to the above question is that the regulator has designed the medical insurance policy considering all these challenges and has made sure that the child is covered for a month under the mother’s medical insurance policy. The insurer will be borne of all charges excluding the coinsurance which would be payable by the insured. This is definitely a sigh of relief for every parent going through a phase like this.

People await their newborns in this world healthy and happy, but just like life itself, there are uncertainties. But the regulator and the insurer with the addition of this benefit make sure that the liability is on them and support the family in the best way possible.

Protect yourself and your tiny humans with our finest medical insurance policy meant to cater to both of your  well-being.

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