What are the Documents Required to File Car Insurance Claims in the UAE?

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Understand the necessary documentation for car insurance claims in the UAE. Ensure a smooth process and timely resolution with these key requirements. Click here!

Process of Filing Car Insurance Claims in UAE

Accidents are unforeseen events that can put anyone in a disturbing state of mind. When stuck in a car accident, you should be aware of what to do next. For a quick car insurance claim, it is imperative to effectively communicate with your insurance broker or provider.  There are specific steps that you need to follow after a car accident for filing insurance claims. 


Quick Read Section

  • Car accidents can leave you with hefty repair bills. Having comprehensive car insurance ensures that these costs are covered.
  • Comprehensive and third-party insurance offer coverage against accidental damages and theft.
  • An accident report by the police is mandatory to claim car insurance.
  • It is mandatory to have a driving license in the UAE, and you will also need it to file an insurance claim.


How Can You Claim Insurance After an Accident 

The first thing to do after you get into an accident is to calm down. Follow these steps to make your claiming process quicker and easier. 

1.    Inform the Police:

You cannot file a car insurance claim in the UAE without a police accident report. To get this, you should first contact the police and report the accident. Ensure to click pictures of the damage to your vehicle or any physical injuries sustained from the accident. It will serve as proof while claiming car insurance. The police will then thoroughly inspect your vehicle, the location of the accident, and the pictures taken of the damage to your vehicle. 

After inspection, the police will provide a red or green form to both parties involved in the accident. The driver at fault is given a red form, and a green form is given to the affected party. Both these forms contain the accident summary and contact details of the parties involved in the accident.

2. Get in Touch with Your Insurance Broker:

The next step after contacting the police is to inform your insurance broker about the accident. It is imperative to share the details with your insurance broker for effective registration of your car insurance claim. Ensure to contact your broker and submit all the necessary documents for a quick and easy claims process. 

3. Evaluate Your Car Insurance Policy:

Make sure to go through your motor insurance policy, which will help you obtain a reasonable claim amount. Review the terms and conditions of your policy to learn about the benefits, exclusions, and coverage. All this information will assist you in negotiating with your insurer while claiming a settlement. 


When Can You File an Auto Insurance Claim in the UAE?

There are certain circumstances in which you can claim car insurance. The circumstances are listed below:  

1. If You Have Suffered Bodily Injuries:

If you have sustained body injuries during an accident, immediately inform your insurance broker. It is advised to evaluate the total damage or loss according to your car insurance. Also remember that you can only file a claim if your car insurance offers collision or accidental cover. 

2. Damage Incurred to Your Vehicle:

You will be reimbursed by a third-party liability cover if the damage is caused by a third-party vehicle. In an accident where you are responsible for the damage, you will be reimbursed only if you have comprehensive car insurance. Comprehensive insurance also covers damages due to natural disasters.

Steps to Follow When Filing Car Insurance Claims

Listed below are the steps to file a car insurance claim in case of an accident.

1. Accidental Claims

  • Move your vehicle to a safer location.
  • Remember to contact the police even during minor accidents.
  • Call the emergency helpline of your insurance provider for roadside assistance.


2. Documents Required for Claim Registration

  • Original copy of the police report
  • A valid driving license for both parties involved
  • Copy of vehicle registration


3. If You are Waiting for Repairs

  • After the accident, you can drop the vehicle at an authorised garage to repair it. If your vehicle is immobile, you can contact your insurer for towing assistance.
  • Car inspectors will decide if your car is eligible for repairs after the inspection of the vehicle. Generally, the authorisation takes two days.


4. After the Completion of the Claim and Repairs

  • The authorised garage will inform you as soon as the repairs are done
  • Many insurance policies provide the service of delivering your vehicle to your residence after repair from the garage


What Documents are Required to File a Car Insurance Claim in the UAE

You will need the following documents to file a claim for car insurance:

  • The Original Copy of the Police Report: You will need to produce the original copy of the police report for filing a claim.
  • Vehicle Registration: You must have the vehicle registration certificate /mulkiya to claim for any damage.
  • Certificate of Car Modification (if applicable): If you have altered your vehicle’s original specifications you will need a certificate to demonstrate it.
  • Driving License: A driving license is legally required for driving in the UAE. So, when filing a claim, you must have your driving license.
  • Both parties involved must fill up a claim form given by the insurance provider


The process for claim settlement is usually the same for most insurance providers. However, evaluating the policy terms and conditions when buying car insurance is advisable.

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