Does Insurance Cover Weather-Related Damage to Cars in the UAE?

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Weather-proof your car with the right insurance in the UAE! Uncover the details on coverage for hailstorms, floods, rain & more. Don't let unpredictable weather catch you off guard.

The United Arab Emirates, known for its iconic skyline and desert landscapes, occasionally experiences rain showers that catches residents off guard. If you're a car owner in the UAE, you might be wondering: does car insurance cover rain damage?

Read this article to explore car insurance coverage for weather damage and get useful insights on coverage options.


Quick Read Section

  • Car insurance coverage ensures the protection of your vehicle from weather-related risks, including floods, hail, sandstorms, rain etc.
  • Comprehensive insurance covers repair costs for weather-related damages, and the coverage amount is determined by the insured value or market value of the car.
  • Filing a weather damage claim involves contacting your insurance broker, documenting the damage, obtaining repair estimates, and following the steps of the claims process.
  • Policy exclusions and deductibles should be carefully reviewed, as some policies may not include damage caused during natural disasters and harsh weather conditions.
  • Proactive measures, such as parking in covered areas and regular maintenance, can help minimize risks while driving out in the rain.


Before delving into weather-related coverage, it's essential to grasp the basics of car insurance in the UAE. As per law, it is mandatory for all vehicle owners to have at least third-party liability insurance, which covers damages caused to others in case of an accident. However, this coverage does not typically extend to weather-related damages to your own vehicle.

While flooding is not a common occurrence in the UAE, during heavy rains, your vehicle can sustain water damage that requires costly repairs.  In such adverse weather conditions, it is important to know if your insurance policy covers weather damage to cars.

To protect your vehicle from weather-related risks, it is recommended to opt for comprehensive car insurance. Vehicle damage caused by storms and heavy rains is typically covered under comprehensive car insurance policies. However, the conditions and criteria for admissibility can vary among insurance providers. It's crucial to thoroughly review the policy benefits and carefully read the fine print regarding coverage for weather-related damages.



Common Weather Damage Inclusions Under Car Insurance:

When it comes to weather-related damage, the following typically fall under car insurance exclusions:

  • Hail Damage: Hailstorms, although rare in the UAE, can cause significant dents, cracks, and scratches on your car's body. Comprehensive insurance usually covers the repair costs resulting from hail damage.
  • Flooding: Sudden heavy downpours can lead to flooding, which can cause severe damage to your vehicle's engine, electrical system, and interior. Comprehensive insurance typically covers repairs or replacements resulting from flood damage.
  • Sandstorm Damage: Sandstorms are relatively common in the UAE, and the blowing sand can cause scratches, chipped paint, and damage to your car's exterior. Comprehensive insurance usually covers the costs of repairing such damages.
  • Windstorm Damage: Strong winds during storms can uproot trees, knock down debris, or cause objects to collide with your car, resulting in dents, broken windows, or other damages. Comprehensive insurance typically covers these repairs.


The maximum coverage amount is determined by the insured value or market value of the car, whichever is lower. If the damage is extensive and repair costs exceed 50% of the car's market value, the provider may classify it as a total loss. Policyholders are usually subject to an excess or deductible ranging from AED 250 to AED 2,000, payable regardless of the claim's cause.


Filing a Weather Damage Claim

If your vehicle suffers weather-related damage, follow these general steps to file a claim:

  • Contact your insurance broker: Inform your insurance broker about the damage as soon as possible. They will assist you with navigating through the claims process and provide necessary instructions.
  • Document the damage: Take photographs or videos of the weather-related damage as evidence to support your claim. This documentation will help your insurance broker assess the extent of the damage accurately. Submit copies of your vehicle registration card, a valid driving license, and the original police report describing the damage. Police reports are essential, so promptly contact the police to report the damage.
  • Obtain repair estimates: Obtain estimates from authorized repair centers or workshops to determine the cost of repairs. Share these estimates with your insurance broker for evaluation.
  • Follow the claims process: Your insurance broker will guide you through the necessary paperwork and steps to complete your claim. Be sure to provide all required documents promptly and accurately.


Policy Exclusions and Deductibles

While comprehensive insurance covers a wide range of weather-related damages, it's important to review your policy carefully. Some policies may have specific exclusions or limitations on coverage, such as pre-existing damage or wear and tear. Additionally, comprehensive insurance policies often have deductibles, which are the amounts you must pay out of pocket before your coverage kicks in.

Some insurers specify that coverage for flood damage applies only if the car is parked and not driven during a flood. Additionally, filing a police report is often a prerequisite for submitting a claim related to rain damage. It's important to note that third-party insurance policies do not cover damages to the policyholder's vehicle caused by flood or rain.

Certain insurance providers may cover vehicles against flood or rain damages only if they are stationary and not operated during such events. Before purchasing a policy, it's advisable to clarify whether the criteria for accepting a claim include the car being stationary or driven.

Most comprehensive car insurance policies cover damage or loss caused by natural perils, unless the weather phenomenon is officially declared a natural disaster by the country's authority. Insurance providers may extend coverage to natural disasters and consider claims on a case-by-case basis. Refer to your policy's terms and conditions for specific information on what is covered.


Taking Proactive Measures

While insurance provides a safety net, taking preventive measures can help minimize the risk of rain-related damages:

  • Parking Considerations: Whenever possible, park your car in covered or sheltered areas to protect it from direct exposure to rain.
  • Regular Maintenance: Ensure your car's windows, doors, and roof are properly sealed. Regular maintenance checks can help identify and address potential vulnerabilities.
  • Handling a Breakdown: In the event of a breakdown in a flood scenario, experts recommend not restarting the car to prevent water damage to the engine. Additionally, refrain from moving or opening the damaged car. If your policy covers breakdown recovery, contact your insurance broker for assistance.


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In the UAE, where rain is a rare but impactful occurrence, having the right insurance coverage is essential to safeguard your vehicle. While damages caused by rain to vehicles are generally covered by insurance policies in the UAE, understanding the specifics of your coverage is crucial. The ability to claim depends on the wording of the selected insurance policy's coverage and exclusions. Before any weather-related incidents occur, review your policy carefully to avoid surprises and ensure a smooth claims process.

If you're concerned about rain damage, opting for comprehensive insurance provides the best protection. Review your policy details and consult with an insurance broker to ensure you have the coverage needed to weather any rainstorm that comes your way.

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