What Are the Types of Garage Repairs You Can Avail With Car Insurance in UAE?

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Understanding terms of garage repairs help you make informed decisions with insurance coverage to receive prompt repairs. This blog outlines the process of vehicle repairing after an accident.

Agency and Non-Agency Repairs in UAE

According to UAE laws, all car owners must have car insurance. Therefore, while buying an insurance plan, you must consider numerous factors determining the benefits you can avail of your car insurance. One of the most crucial factors to consider is the repair service. Under car insurance policies, repair services are categorized into two types- Garage Repair and Non-Agency Repair.


Quick Read Section

  • Check your car insurance policy for specific terms, conditions, and add-ons.
  • Be aware of fraudulent repairers, as many of them use fake parts. Make sure to choose a garage or agency with a good reputation.


In the following sections, we will discuss and evaluate the benefits and features of these two repair services and how they can benefit you.


What is an Agency Repair?

The most favourable advantage of agency repairs is that they allow the insurer to utilize repairing services from authorized workshops. Although you might need to pay a higher car insurance premium, agency repairs offer you peace of mind. They assure that your car will be repaired at an authorized dealership from where you purchased it or an equivalent and guaranteed brand-authorized workshop.


How Can Agency Repairing Services Benefit You?

When choosing an agency repair service, be assured that your car will be handled by qualified technicians who provide the highest quality of service as per your car brand. Furthermore, agency repairs guarantee using genuine spare parts to replace any damaged parts that need repair. Agency repairs are recommended for brand-new cars and are an excellent option for luxury car owners. Many reputed and well-known car insurance providers provide agency repairs under the circumstances like:

  • If you have a brand-new car
  • If you have not raised a claim in three or more years
  • If your vehicle is still under a warranty period

As discussed above, choosing an agency repair while purchasing a car insurance policy has several benefits. Further, we will discuss the advantages of garage repairs and their terms and conditions.


What is a Garage Repair or Non-Agency repair?

Non-agency repairs, popularly known as garage repairs, are the repairing services that cover motor garage or workshop repairs approved by your car insurance provider. Additionally, your insurance broker will pre-test these workshops and motor garages to ensure the best car repair services for you.


What are the Benefits of a Garage Repair?

Many drivers are sceptical about garage repairs since their insurers do not approve these garages and workshops. There is a misapprehension that because fake parts are more affordable, garage repairs may not offer quality services or may utilize them in your car. However, these are just myths. Your insurance company has agreements with some of the most recognized businesses to guarantee that your vehicle receives the finest repair possible. Furthermore, because they are not approved, this type of repair is less expensive than agency repair. As a result, garages repair your car more quickly than an agency. Moreover, some insurance companies in the UAE provide a valet service that will pick up and return your vehicle following the repair.


The Difference between Agency and Garage Repairs

Here is a list of some primary differences between garage and agency repairs. Let's evaluate how agency and garage repairs differ.


Garage Repair or Non-Agency Repairs

Agency Repair

Garage repairs are reputed, pre-tested, and approved by an insurance provider.

Agency repairs are brand authorised.

These repairs are comparatively cheaper.

You might have to pay a higher car premium.

Many companies offer valet service for pick up and return after the repairs.

Your vehicle will be delivered by a tow service provided by your insurance provider.

Garage repairs are quicker.

Agency repairs may take longer.


The Top Car Insurance Providers in the UAE

These are the best car insurance policies available in the UAE.

  • Qatar Insurance Company
  • Royal & Sun Alliance (RSA)
  • Gulf Insurance Company (GIG)
  • Sukoon Insurance Company
  • Adamjee Insurance 
  • Tokio Marine and Nichido Fire Insurance
  • Ras Al-Khaimah National Insurance 
  • New India Assurance 
  • Oriental Insurance 
  • Methaq Takaful Insurance Company
  • Noor Takaful Insurance


If you decide to get garage repairs from a workshop of your choice, some insurers won't cover the total cost of the repairs claiming that they could have had your car restored for less. Once more, carefully study all of your policy documentation. If you decide to utilize your garage, request a price from your insurance broker and await approval before using it.


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