Violations That Can Get You Black Points In UAE

Violations That Can Get You Black Points In UAE 13 Jun, 2022

Let’s take a quick look into the black and white point system in UAE and learn about Black Point System. Here are some simple steps that you can follow to check it.

Driving in the UAE

For years we have been driving recklessly without thinking twice about the consequences. Our actions might put lives at stake, and for the same reason, countries around the world have been taking this matter seriously. Just like most countries, UAE has come up with a strict set of traffic rules.

The major cause of accidents in UAE has been found to be careless entry to streets, sudden change of lane, driving while being intoxicated and so on. To reduce the same, the UAE government emphasizes more on getting insurance, a license and meeting the environmental standards before you start driving. Moreover, to implement the rules and regulations, the UAE government has set out the black and white point system. This system has helped the government to reduce the mortality rate caused by road accidents.

Let’s look into the black and white point system in detail.

Black And White Point System:

What are Black points?

The black points that a driver is given are penalty points. There are specific rules and regulations in UAE. If you violate these traffic rules you will be given black points. The highest violation leads to 24 black points whereas the lowest violation leads to 2 points. These points will add up and if you have 24 points, your licence will be suspended by RTA. The duration of suspension is mentioned below.

  • First time: 3 months suspension
  • Second time: 6 months suspension
  • Third time: 1-year suspension plus you have to re-take the driving test

What are White points?

With strict rules and regulations, UAE also offers drivers a chance to reduce the black points on their licence and prevent them from hitting the 24 points mark. You can do it in two ways: the first involves taking up a course with a fee of AED 810.

The second way is by collecting white points. The UAE introduced a white point system that rewards drivers with white points when they adhere to traffic rules and recollection. This can help them to clear their previous violations from the record and get other benefits like an all-expenses-paid Umrah trip, air tickets, cash, vouchers etc.

Why are black points allotted?

Here are the different reasons that can lead to black points in your record:

Violations that will get you 2 black points:

  • Using broken rear lights or not functioning rear lights
  • Using broken indicators or not functioning indicators

 Violations that will get you 4 black points:

  • Using a heavy vehicle to enter non-designated places.
  • Driving in the opposite direction of traffic.
  • Failure to comply with loading and unloading requirements in authorized zones.
  • Driving an unregistered vehicle
  • Not having a proper license/your license is suspended.
  • Not possessing valid insurance.
  • Entering a road without first ensuring that it is clear.
  • Not using a seatbelt.
  • Failure to obey a traffic officer's directions.
  • Driving inattentively or distractedly
  • Using phone or any other distracting device driving
  • Taking turns that aren't allowed or aren't safe
  • Abruptly swerving on the road without any indicator
  • Not maintaining the speed as per the speed set for a road.
  • Disturbing the people by honking or blasting the sound system.
  • Driving in foggy conditions in defiance of the directions of authorities.
  • Not using headlights in foggy situations.
  • Risky loading of a small vehicle
  • Not using headlights at night while driving
  • Turning in the wrong way
  • A trailer with broken back or sidelights.
  • Driving with worn out tires of the vehicle.
  • Riding a two-wheeler without a helmet.
  • Carrying more than recommended passengers in a vehicle
  • Using the vehicle beyond its designated purpose.

Violations that will get you 6 black points:

  • Failing to load heavy vehicles properly and being the cause of danger.
  • Loading vehicles that cause harm to private and public properties.
  • Riding a vehicle that does not fulfil the recommended safety and security requirement.
  • A driving vehicle that doesn't meet the environmental standard to keep pollution in check.
  • School bus drivers not using the STOP sign or following traffic laws.
  • Driving up to 60 km/h above the speed limit
  • Overtaking with the hard shoulder.
  • Not ensuring safety standards while entering a road.
  • Parking in places reserved.
  • Stopping on the highway for invalid reasons.
  • failing to give way to pedestrians at a pedestrian crossing
  • littering from the vehicle window. while driving

Violations that will get you 8 black points:

  • Taking routes in a prohibited place.
  • Running away from minor accidents caused.

Violations that will get you 10 black points:

  • Not stopping a vehicle even after a School Bus has a stop sign on

Violations that will get you 12 black points:

  • Driving with the incorrect license.
  • Using the wrong lane to drive heavy vehicles
  • Leaking or falling out of a heavy truck load
  • Jumping a red light while riding a motorcycle or other light motor vehicles.
  • Driving at more than 60 km/h than the speed limit.
  • Without previous consent or authorization, modifying the engine or chassis.
  • Evading a police officer (light vehicle).

Violations that will get you 16 black points:

  • Evading a police officer (heavy vehicle).
  • Failure to stop in the event of a heavy vehicle accident.

Violations that will get you 23 black points:

  • Violating the speed limit by more than 80 kilometres per hour.
  • Causing major accidents or injuries
  • Being the reason for death
  • Driving with no license plate.
  • Drunk while driving
  • Causing harm to public or private property while driving

Violations that will get you 24 black points:

  • Without previous clearance or authorization, transporting flammable or dangerous items.
  • Illegally transporting passengers
  • Driving under the influence of psychotropics, narcotics or similar drugs.

Wrapping it up:

If you want the best driving experience in UAE it’s better to have your black points in check. Although avoiding the long list might seem like a challenging task, following simple steps can lead you to have zero black points or reduce it. For example, with a valid license and insurance in hand, you are not likely to get black points in your record. With car insurance, proper driving skills and a bit of awareness you can definitely avoid them.

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