Types of Drivers on UAE roads

Types of Drivers on UAE roads 19 Jul, 2022

Driving in UAE is no doubt a stressful experience most of the time. Here’s a list of some of the different kinds of drivers you will find in the UAE almost every time you hit the road. Click here to know more!

Driving in the UAE

Roads of the UAE are populated with the most diverse traffic as compared to anywhere in the world. You will find a wide range of cars - both luxury and economic models, spread across the region. The people driving these vehicles are equally vibrant as well. Whether you are driving on the outskirts or within the cities, you will encounter a wide variety of drivers in the UAE.

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As you set off on the bustling roads of the UAE you are in for a unique experience each time. Following traffic rules isn’t enough to avoid trouble on the road. You need to be mindful of others around you – their mistakes can end up being a costly affair for both of you. You will always encounter different kinds of drivers on your way; however there are some kinds that are a constant sight on each trip.

Here’s a list of some of the different kinds of drivers you will find in the UAE almost every time you hit the road:

  • The new ones
  • The slow ones
  • The impatient ones
  • The defensive ones 


1. The New Driver

These are the drivers who recently got their license and are now on the road to practice their skills. They are usually full of nerves and can sometimes make careless mistakes. According to a study conducted in 2019 by Francisco Daniel B. de Albuquerquea and Dina M. Awadalla, researchers at the United Arab Emirates University on road crashes of Abu Dhabi, a large percentage of accidents in Abu Dhabi were caused by new and young drivers. All new drivers are not likely to be callous on the road however there are those whose skills are still developing. They usually can be identified by the “New Driver” sticker on their cars, which are bright yellow in colour. 

2. The Slow Driver

The slow drivers are the ones who are usually nervous on the road. They tend to drive close to the minimum speed limit, and it might get frustrating to be stuck behind them. They usually also take extra time while parallel parking or reversing in order to be extra careful. It is important to be patient with such drivers. They need to remain composed to be able to focus. Others who start honking and flashing their lights at them tend to pressurize them which can lead to careless mistakes out of panic.

3. The Impatient Driver

The impatient ones are the ones to watch out for. They usually seem to be in a hurry and are prone to making last-minute decisions. They are constantly in a rush to get to their destination and often make very rash moves on the road. They can be spotted through driving behaviors such as speeding, tailgating, honking, and swerving in and out of lanes, making them very dangerous to be driving around. They will be the first to start honking or flashing their lights as soon as the signal turns green at an intersection. The research conducted in Abu Dhabi found that such reckless drivers are responsible for the majority of accidents in the region. Maintain a safe distance from such drivers and be extra cautious while driving around them  

4. The Model Driver

They are the type of drivers that you should try to emulate. They are always alert and cautious while driving. They change lanes carefully after signaling and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles. Usually, they drive within the permitted speed limit and/or according to the road or weather conditions. This prepares them to deal with an emergency as they are equipped to think on the spot and make sound decisions ensuring the safety of others as well as their own.


In conclusion, we have categorized the drivers in UAE according to their driving behaviors, however, the types extend beyond the four kinds explained earlier. Each kind is unique and presents different challenges to deal with. As responsible residents, you should ensure due diligence in following traffic rules in order to keep yourself and others around you safe. Do not take risks on the road and avoid all forms of distractions to maintain your concentration. It is also important to be mindful of other drivers and judge their actions carefully on the road. The mistakes they make may end up affecting you which is why you should always be vigilant and proactive.

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