June 27, 2021

Should you Switch your Car Insurance Company

There are many factors to consider on making your choice of insurance company. Should anything disrupt your choice, you may consider switching insurance companies.

The primary benefit of switching Motor insurance provider is to save money on your premium. Even if you found the cheapest rate from when you first signed for insurance, motor insurance premiums tend to change frequently, hence the insurance company that gave you the best price last year may not necessarily be applicable this year. Insurance Premiums are likely to have fluctuations for various reasons.

Claims (Faulty) can also have an effect on a renewal premium. Considering the insurance company will have an additional cost to cover up the loss, premiums are likely to increase.

Low insurance premium, however, isn't the only factor to consider when choosing an insurance company. If, for instance, you have had a bad experience with your current provider or interested in a benefit or perk that another car insurance company offers, you may consider switching too.

How to Switch insurance company?

As a consumer in a free market, you are free to explore, compare and switch policies at your discretion. The First step is to look at your current car insurance policy. Sometimes, a car insurance quote may be cost-effective; however, it may not necessarily have all the add-ons and benefits you may require. In other times, deductibles may not be the same. Each policy varies from a different insurance provider, taking into consideration many factors.

Your goal should be to maximize benefits with affordable premiums for the same (or even better) coverage. An independent agent will help you here by acquiring a variety of quotes from different insurance companies so you can pick one that’s right for you.

Always compare car insurance quotes from a variety of car insurers. One of the best ways to compare quickly and efficiently is online and as aforementioned, ensure that you are comparing the exact same coverage to understand if it is the best premium rate available. Another factor to take into consideration when comparing different car insurance policies is if the company has an excellent customer service rating in UAE. If you find better rates, with better customer service and reviews, online and otherwise, are positive you may now be ready to switch.

Only once a year you are able to switch from insurance company, so make sure you made a wise decision.

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