5 Things to Know About Transferring Vehicle Ownership in UAE

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Transferring the registration of a pre-owned car is easy with the right steps. Learn the process of how to transfer car ownership from seller to buyer in the UAE.

How to Transfer the Registration of a Pre-Owned Car?

You've decided it's time to sell your vehicle and transfer ownership to a new owner in the UAE. But before you do, you should have a good understanding on the process of transferring your car’s registration to a new owner.

This article will provide an overview of how to transfer car ownership in UAE, including what documents are required and what fees need to be paid.

Quick Read Section

  • Individuals and businesses in the UAE can transfer a used vehicle's registration by using the RTA's online portal or by going directly to accredited Vehicle Registration Centers.
  • Main documents required to apply for transfer of ownership are Vehicle Inspection Certificate, Original Emirates ID of the Buyer, and the Original Emirates ID of the Seller.
  • The cost to transfer ownership of a car is determined by the vehicle's category, capacity, weight, and other service requirements.
  • Clearing unpaid fines and loan payments, submission of necessary documents, and technical inspection on the car are the steps to register the car in the buyer's name.


Transferring car ownership is a process that needs to be done in order to legally transfer the ownership of a used vehicle in the UAE. It is important for both the buyer and seller of the vehicle to understand the process and complete all steps correctly.

Read our detailed guide for all the details you need on the transfer of vehicle ownership. Here are five things you need to know before proceeding.


How to apply for vehicle ownership transfer in UAE?

Residents, citizens, and companies in UAE can transfer the registration of a used car through RTA’s online portal or by directly visiting authorized Vehicle Registration Centres.

Here are some Direct and Online channels through which you can transfer car ownership:

1. Online: (Applicable for Individuals Only)

  • Through RTA’s website
  • Through RTA’s Dubai Drive Mobile App


2. Direct:

  • Customer Happiness Centres
  • Authorised Vehicle Inspection/ Vehicle Registration Centres


With RTA’s website and mobile application, you can instantly apply for transfer or ownership. The average processing time for Direct channels such as Customer Happiness Centres and Vehicle Inspection Centres is  approximately 5 minutes.


What are the document requirements for transferring car ownership in UAE?

To apply for transfer of ownership through this service, you need to submit the following documents:

Documents Required for Individuals

  • Original Emirates ID and Copy of the Buyer
  • Original Emirates ID and Copy of the Seller- If the seller does not have valid ID proof, he/she can submit their passport, or a decree issued from GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs) instead.
  • Vehicle Inspection Certificate: This is a mandatory requirement for buyers to register or export the vehicle.
  • Number Plates- This is required only if the seller wishes to retain them.
  • Lost Certificate issued under the Police Department if the number plates are missing.
  • UAE diplomats must submit their Emirates ID, traffic file number, and a letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for transfer of ownership.


Documents Required for Corporate Organizations

  • Letter requesting transfer of ownership in Arabic
  • Trade License Copy
  • Endorsed Signature and authorization letter issued by the court
  • Copy of the Memorandum of Association document
  • Vehicle Inspection Certificate: This is a mandatory requirement for buyers to register or export the vehicle.
  • Number Plates- This is required only if the seller wishes to retain them.
  • Lost Certificate issued under the Police Department if the number plates are missing.
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate) from Free Zone Authority, if the organization operates as a Free Zone Company


What is the fee for car transfer ownership in UAE?

The fee for transferring vehicle ownership to another individual depends on the vehicle category, vehicle capacity, vehicle weight and other service requirements.

(Below rates are subject to change as they are updated by RTA periodically)




Light Vehicle (Private/Public)


AED 350

Private Vehicle

3 to 12 tonnes

AED 400

More than 12 tonnes

AED 800

Public Vehicle

3 to 12 tonnes

AED 650

More than 12 tonnes

AED 1,000



AED 120


Maximum 26 passengers

AED 300

More than 26 passengers

AED 600



AED 200


What is the procedure to transfer car registration in Dubai?

Applying for transfer of car registration is not a tedious task and you just have to complete the following steps.

1.     Ensure that you have no pending fine payments

You need to complete the payment of all due Salik charges and penalty fines from traffic violations to initiate the transfer of registration process. The vehicle seller can clearance of all fines by visiting a police station or paying the dues online through their website.

2.     Collect the required documents

Before you visit the Vehicle Registration centre, make sure to have all your documents ready. Keep these documents in hand:

  • ID documents such as Emirates ID, Passport and License of both the seller and the buyer
  • Original Vehicle Registration Card
  • Proof of Residence
  • Proof of car insurance under the buyer’s name
  • Vehicle Inspection Certificate


3.     Clearance or transfer of loan payment

The loan payment for your car should either be cleared or transferred to the buyer of the vehicle. To transfer the loans to the new owner of the car, the seller must sign a Power of Attorney stating the same. Buyers can verify the status and performance of the car through an RTA inspection before consenting to pay the remaining dues. 

4.     Vehicle Testing

The next step is to run a technical test on your vehicle and get a ‘Pass’ report. You can get this done at any Shamil centres located near you and the process will be completed in around 30 minutes. With this process, the buyer can change the number plate if they want to as well.

5.     Vehicle Registration

To transfer the registration of your vehicle, the buyer must have a new car insurance policy issued under their name. Once the car insurance policy document is in place, the seller can register the vehicle under the name of the buyer. Transfer of ownership done between emirates will require the vehicle to be transported on a truck as you cannot drive an unregistered vehicle without a number plate.


Your car is a valuable possession, so make sure you handle the transfer of ownership process responsibly.

Transferring car ownership requires careful consideration and preparation, including understanding all the steps involved and buying the right car insurance policy for your vehicle.

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