How to Get a Vehicle Passing Certificate?

How to Get a Vehicle Passing Certificate? 04 Aug, 2022

What is Vehicle Passing Certificate? Know more about the application process, required documents and process to get vehicle passing certificate. For more information click here!

Vehicle Passing Certificate

Vehicle inspection tests are necessary at the time of car registration and renewal in order to ensure safety of the vehicle before it is on the road.

The vehicle passing certificate is a form of proof that affirms the vehicle’s safety, It can only be obtained once the car passes these tests. It is an essential document at the time of new registration and registration renewal.

Additionally, it's important to note that having valid car insurance is a mandatory requirement to obtain a vehicle passing certificate in the UAE.

Quick Read Section:

  • Vehicle Passing Certificate is evidence that the vehicle is safe to be driven on the road.
  • Technical inspections cover: brakes, engine, wheel alignment, emissions, lights etc.   
  • Vehicle should be cleaned before handing over for inspection, and it should contain all necessary equipment (spare tyre, safety triangle and fire extinguisher).
  • Different types of vehicle tests are available such as – New vehicle registration test, Periodic vehicle test, Defect test, Export test, Re-test etc.
  • Vehicle Passing certificate is issued once the vehicle passes the inspections and registration is renewed based on that.

Cars in the UAE undergo inspection once a year in order to assess their road fitness. These technical inspections test the following aspects:

  • Braking
  • Exhaust emissions
  • Steering wheel
  • Visibility – windshield glass, wipers, rear view mirrors
  • Lights – headlights, condition/operation of lenses
  • Tyres – Alignment, suspension, and axle
  • Engine
  • Bodywork



What is the procedure for vehicle testing?

1. Clear all traffic fines before getting your vehicle tested.

2. Clean your vehicle and license plate and make sure there is a safety triangle, spare tyre, and fire extinguisher kept inside before handing it over.

3. Submit the documents required – In Dubai you need the owner’s Emirates ID, vehicle insurance and vehicle registration card, and in Abu Dhabi you will also require the owner’s driver’s license additionally.

4. Pay the vehicle testing fees – in Dubai the fee is AED 150 and in Abu Dhabi it costs AED 165.

5. Hand over the vehicle to the inspector who will take it to the testing bay and complete the inspection. This procedure takes around 15-30 minutes for light vehicles.

6. If your vehicle meets the minimum standards, the vehicle passing certificate will be issued. This is valid for 30 days; all registration and renewal processes should be completed within this time.

7. If the vehicle fails the test, necessary repairs should be made, and it should go for a re-test (AED 50) within 30 days.


Types of Vehicle Testing

According to the RTA Safety Regulations, the following types of tests may be required depending on your situation:

  • New Vehicle Registration Test - The new vehicle registration test is the test required prior to registration of a vehicle purchased from an unauthorized agency in the UAE. This test is also required when vehicle ownership is being transferred or while re‐registering a vehicle.
  • Periodic Vehicle Test - The periodic vehicle test refers to the periodic testing of vehicle safety to assess its suitability for public roads. This test is required to renew the vehicle registration.
  • Defect Test - The defect test refers to when a defect is found in the vehicle on roadside inspection, or if a defect is detected remotely.
  • Export Test - The export test refers to the test required before exporting a vehicle outside the UAE.
  • Re‐tests - The re‐test refers to the test required when any of the above tests are failed.



Cars in the UAE require a vehicle passing certificate that attests their suitability for the road. Make sure you complete all testing procedures in time; failure to do so can lead to your car registration/renewal being put on hold. The process is standard across different emirates and all information about testing is available online.

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