Rules of Car Registration in the UAE

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Discover the UAE RTA's car registration and renewal process, ensuring compliance and seamless coverage with car insurance before hitting the road.

Owning a car in the UAE makes it immensely convenient and comfortable to commute. For all its regulatory and safety reasons, the car registration process is as integral part of car ownership as getting a driver’s license and car insurance in UAE.

So, whether you buy a new car or a used one, the RTA (Road and Transport Authority) of the UAE mandates that you register your vehicle. The validity of such registration lasts for one year. After which you need to apply for car registration renewal in Dubai or wherever your concerning judiciary lies. 

That said, the new or used car registration process is as simple (or difficult) to follow as per your preparation with all the documents and coordination with the authorities. Because unlike getting motor insurance online, the first-time or new car registration needs to be done by visiting the concerned RTA offices or can be done by car dealership also. Another noteworthy point is that all car registration processes require you to have car insurance in the UAE. And experts advise pairing it up with add-on personal accident & medical insurance as well for comprehensive safety on the roads. 

That said, let’s explore what are the various documents and procedures to know for registering a car or renewing the registration like a cakewalk; then put the cherry on it with car insurance in UAE before taking it out on the road. 


New Car Registration Process

You buy a new car in the UAE from a dealership but to drive it out on the roads you must register it first. After purchase, your dealership will help you with the preliminary registration paperwork. However, you can do the same process of the first-time car registration yourself by coordinating with concerned RTA offices and service providers. 

Documents required

Below is the list of typical documents required by natives and expats to register a new car in the UAE. You may not need all depending on your situation:

  1. Owner’s passport or Emirates ID
  2. Owner’s driving license
  3. Car insurance policy of at least six months
  4. Trade license copy
  5. Showroom owner’s authorization
  6. Past vehicle testing certificate
  7. Certificate of ownership
  8. Letter from the bank on car financing


Again, in the case of a brand new vehicle bought from a dealership, your car dealer will take care of the registration process for you provided you produce the required personal documents. The validity of this would last for a year, post which you’ll need to renew it yourself. In such a case, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Visit the Tasjeel or any other traffic department to get the car’s application form

Step 2: Fill out the form and submit it with all the applicable above-listed documents 

Step 3: Get your Mulkiya (or Registration Card) from the designated counter along with both number plates: Short and long.

Step 4: The Mulkiya has stickers with a year of registration. It has to be pasted on the vehicle’s rear number plate.    


The cost of vehicle registration in Dubai and elsewhere in the UAE depends on various factors such as the vehicle weight, category, and usage (private or public). So, for a regular private car, the new vehicle registration charges would be AED 400 (this might change depending on the emirate). However, do note that you will be required to clear off any outstanding fine or open a traffic file which would cost extra. 

Used Car Registration Process

If you buy a second-hand car, you need to get it registered again. This is irrespective of whether the car already has a valid registration or not because the ownership is changing hands. 

If you are buying a used car from a dealership, then they themselves will take care of the registration process or assist you all the way. If otherwise, then you will need the following documents. 

Documents required

  1. Buyer’s residence Visa copy
  2. Buyer’s passport copy
  3. Both buyer’s and seller’s original Emirates ID
  4. Seller’s Mulkiya or Vehicle license
  5. Traffic File
  6. Vehicle Insurance (You can port car insurance in UAE)
  7. Vehicle Technical Inspection Certificate


Similar to the steps of new car registration, you’ll have to take your car and the documents to the Tasjeel or Shamil center and apply for registration. However, as this is a used car, this time you’ll have to conduct a technical inspection of the car and get clearance for the same. 

Once the registration is approved, the new owner receives a new registration card with expiry stickers. 


The car registration charges for a used car are the same as that of a new car viz. AED 400. However, the buyer or seller will have to foot the bill for the transfer of ownership rights, vehicle technical inspection, traffic file, and any other applicable charges. 


The process of registering a car in the UAE is not that difficult, but it’s important to know where to go and what documents to bring with you. For each case, it’s also clear that getting car insurance in the UAE is unavoidable. There are various car insurance companies in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and other regions of the UAE that offer different deals at different car insurance quotes. If you are looking for comprehensive and trustworthy car insurance in UAE, contact us today. 



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