12 Productive Things to do on Your Drive to Office!

third party car insurance quote 07 Jul, 2021

Your drive to work need not be mundane; here are 12 things you can do on your way to work to make it a productive and fun time!

For many in this goal-driven life of aspirations, dreams, and plans “time” remains an absolute luxury. Time in between tasks, calls, meetings, or even whilst the “amusing” drive to the office. Many aspiring individuals drive on average at least 25 minutes a day, five times a week! That’s 125 minutes weekly, to either do something productive, awakening you, or sulking the entire morning.

The amount of time you may spend on your drive, your valuable time does not have to be wasted or unproductive! You can make the most out of that little time in your day to achieve the smallest but time-consuming little tasks, whether it is catching up with the latest news, or any little mission on the back of your head that may need attention, or perhaps time to breathe for a moment or two in preparation of the day ahead. In which case, you would rather spend time on an eventful “productive drive” than just another mindless sprawl.

Take a look at the following if you, like many other travellers of employment, are on the hunt into the million-dollar question of “What to do for the next twenty-five minutes while I drive to work?” 

  • On your productive drive to the office, you could catch up on the latest news, learn what is happening about the world around you and help you stay informed, into the reality of the events of the day. 
  • Have a glimpse into the current traffic updates perhaps on the radio to avert an “unproductive drive”. You could stay away from routes of traffic in the event of an accident etc.
  • You could perhaps listen and educate yourself on your industry-related updates, either through the radio or podcast. This is because the business world's dynamic is changing frequently, especially nowadays with evolving technology, an ever-changing economy, and the like. Your productive drive then does not have to be so dreary. All you need is a little inspiration. 
  • You may not necessarily need to do anything physical- your productive drive can also be used to collect your thoughts for multiple different purposes. For instance, reflect on the possible tasks to look forward to, running a mental checklist of the tasks you are required to do for the day, plan and prioritize the needful. Hence upon reaching your destination, you will be prepared with what to tackle first and organize a scheme of time management. 
  • During your productive drive think about listening to audiobooks or podcasts of a genre that best suit your preference. At the end of the day tastes and choices are subjective to each individual. So it may be self-improvement to a reading of a novel, an interview, and so on. There should be something that may resonate with you and consequently become your partner whilst you are on your productive drive to work.
  • As much as we would love to adorn our resumes and CVs with countless talents, skills or hobbies we, unfortunately, do not truly put in the time to accomplish them. So next time you are driving away to work conclusively decide on something to learn, possibly a new language, skill or even a course etc.
  • You may also listen to music if it helps in stimulating, refreshing or energizing you bright in the morning-anything that may lift your spirits up and get those wheels turning!
  • Take the time to organize, refresh and sort out your thoughts in general especially if you lead a very cluttered and busy life. And very often than not a jumbled mind could interfere with the process of making better decisions and choices. So a clear mind equals a clear life! 
  • You could use the time to perhaps relax or “wake up” before you prepare to start your day, and it would be alright to do so, saving that energy for the rigors of the day. 
  • Perhaps you could have a healthy snack on your productive drive to the office, giving you the boost you need first thing in the morning and set you up for the day. This may include a sandwich, wraps, a breakfast bar, a bagel, doughnut, croissant- anything really, and a beverage to go with!
  • Some people find interest and oomph in playing mind-awakening games. These may be anything from puzzles of some sort to perhaps riddles, brainteasers, etc. If games are your preferred type of awakening to get that adrenaline pumped, then play away! Or perhaps maybe a trivia, some general knowledge, or any memory-stimulating amusement. 
  • However, sometimes it is alright to take time for yourself by simply just being; if that is what works for you. Different people at the end of the day have different methodologies to face the day head-on. And as such, an undisturbed mind may be one of them.

As far as “doing” goes, you can think of endless possibilities that may better fit your purpose, however, it is the will of power that makes you really want to do it. And behind that will is usually the pressure to accomplish something that needed to be done. You would be surprised by how much you could achieve if you just put your mind to it.

Next time you were to be stuck in such a space, whether it is that you drive to work or are being transported to, make use of your productive drive. From catching up on the latest news of any kind, making a to-do list, or even mentally planning out your day, etc., simply get to it, if possible. Or if perhaps your productivity roots from clearing your mental space first, then relaxing, meditating, listening to a podcast, an audiobook, the radio or music is your way to go. At the end of the day, each individual is different. What is time-saving for one is not for another, and time management likewise varies for each individual. You need to do what's best for you. 

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