Shops & Restaurants
Shops & Restaurants

Shops & Restaurants

UAE is known for its abundance & opulence in retailing businesses including Shops, Restaurants, Eateries, Cafes, Super markets, Souqs and Shopping Malls etc. As retailing offers immense opportunities to business leaders in reaching out to a vast population of potential buyers, it also opens up some risks that the businesses have to face while transacting business.

The huge foot-falls that is witnessed in various Malls in itself is an exposure that the leaders need to be careful of. Business is similarly exposed to the damage and destruction of the inventory stored in the retailing unit or in other areas of storage. Such events can even disrupt the normal operation of retailing and can lead to a reduction in profits.

There are other exposures including possible legal liabilities towards others including the general public, the buyers, the landlords, the neighbors etc.

Restaurants, cafes and other eateries are further exposed to risks related to food and beverages served to the customers. The problem of food delivery which has gained huge popularity brings its own set of exposures as well.

We provide customized solutions to retail businesses that take care of most of the risks faced by them while doing business. The solutions are properly designed and specifically targeted at retail businesses. We also look at Restaurants as a unique exposure and design our offerings accordingly.

Some of the key sections under this policy are:

  • Property All Risks for Assets
  • Business Interruption Insurance for loss of gross profit
  • Public Liability insurance for liabilities to third parties including food and drinks cover
  • Workmen’s compensation / Employers Liability
  • Money
  • Fidelity Guarantee
  • Machinery Breakdown
  • Deterioration of Stock