Jeweller’s Block Insurance
Jeweller’s Block Insurance

Jeweller’s Block Insurance

Our expertise in Jewellers Block insurance goes back to around 26 years. With a reputation for excellence in service, we have extended our services to the whole spectrum of Gold & Jewellery industry which includes manufacturers, large retailers with locations across GCC, small and medium retailers, repairers, wholesalers, Pawnbroking, exhibitors etc.

The Jeweller’s Block is an "All Risks" policy carefully designed in the international insurance market to take care of various risk exposures of the customer under single roof. As the name sounds, a typical ‘All Risks’ insurance policy covers all unforeseen events except what is specifically excluded to your Jewellery, gold and platinum goods, bank notes, bullion, precious stones and metals. The coverage is extended to include interiors, contents, furniture, fixtures, machinery, plant against named perils.

The policy generally covers unforeseen events like:
  • Theft, Burglary, sleight of hand, hold-up robbery, mysterious disappearance
  • Fire, explosion, lightning
  • Storm, Tempest, Flood
Most common extensions to widen the coverage:
  • Conveyance risks
  • Entrustments
  • Window display
  • Infidelity of employees
  • Sending by post/ air conveyances
  • Exhibitions and displays
  • Riot or strike, civil commotion
  • Dishonesty of the Employees (Fidelity Guarantee cover)
  • Money Cover (whilst at safe and in transit)