Educational Institutions
Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions including Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Training Institutions etc. are exposed to unique risks that are not commonly seen in other businesses. The risks emanate out of the existence of a sense of responsibility and a resulting “duty of care” towards the student community. The institutions can be held liable for any bodily injury suffered by a student during the school hours.

The exposure is further heightened due to various school activities like sports, cultural events & excursions and facilities like canteens, clinics etc. With this in mind, Educational Institutions need to have customized insurance solutions that take care of the unique risks that they face. A normal insurance policy should not be forced to fit into the needs of a school. The covers need to be properly designed to cater to the various exposures.

We offer package policies tailored to the needs of Educational Institutions. We can also customize existing solutions to the exact needs of the institution. We don’t just sell products, we design solutions. And with our expertise in this segment, we can holistically look at managing the risks of the Educational Institutions in the region.

Some of the key sections under this policy are:
  • Property All Risks for Assets
  • Business Interruption Insurance for loss of gross profit
  • Public Liability insurance for liabilities to third parties including students
  • Breach of Duty, Negligence, Errors coverage for teachers, school board and employees
  • Workmen’s compensation / Employers Liability
  • Money
  • Personal Accident cover for students and employee