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The value of selecting the right Car Insurance is often realized a bit too late, generally after making a claim for damages or loss. Our team of professionals will guide you through the confusing and complex options and insurance jargon to provide the best type of Car Insurance suited for your specific needs. Leave the hassles to us, so that you can concentrate on the most important thing — driving safely on the road.

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At Gargash Insurance, we take pride in the service and coverage we provide to our customers. Whether you are insuring your first car or renewing your existing car insurance, we provide you with customized solutions to suit your requirements in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

Some of the key features of our Car Insurance policies are as follows:

  • Comprehensive cover of up to 10 years from the date of first registration
  • Extended agency repairs of up to 5 years
  • Rent-a-car in case of accidents
  • Recovery / Towing services following an Accident or Breakdown Cover 
  • Natural calamities cover (storm, flood, and tempest)
  • Off-road cover for 4x4 vehicles
  • GCC Extensions (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia)
  • Personal accident cover for driver and passengers
  • 3rd party liability for bodily injury - Unlimited
  • 3rd party property damage cover up to AED 5 million
  • No claims discount (for safe driving and no claims made during policy year)
  • Protected “No Claims Bonus” 
  • No excess for windscreen damage
  • Free car registration facility

We provide easy and efficient claims settlement and a variety of other add-ons. Our dedicated advisors can assist you in choosing the best insurance for your car.

What are the benefits of car insurance? 

  • Car insurance safeguards you and others on the road in the event of an accident/loss. Comprehensive Insurance is a form of protection in all possible scenarios which cause loss to either party involved in the accident/loss. 
  • Cover for you, the other driver, and all passengers involved.
  • Fixing damage to the vehicle or stolen/lost vehicle.
  • Most car insurance policies are life saviours when it comes to saving your pocket! Car Insurance helps minimize expenses in the event of an accident.
  • The variety of car insurance add-ons may help in unexpected times of need.
  • Most car insurance providers have a network of agency repairs and garages that simplifies maintaining and repairing your car. 

What does a car insurance policy cover?

Car insurance is a legally mandatory requirement in the UAE. What a car insurance policy cover depends primarily on the type of policy chosen. However, the car insurance policies we offer entail the following:

  • Property damage (either one or both parties depending on the type of car insurance policy).
  • Medical expenses in case there is a need for medication for the parties and passengers involved (Depending on policy).
  • Bodily injury expenses cover for injuries of anyone to get wounded in an accident.

The type of car insurance policy chosen will determine the extent of the coverage and whether expenses are covered for either party or one. For instance, a Third  Party Car insurance would cover medical expenses and injuries of both parties, however, property damages are limited to the “Third  Party” or other vehicles involved in the accident. Comprehensive Car insurance on the other hand covers property damages to both vehicles in the event of an accident. 

What is the difference between Third-Party and comprehensive insurance?

Comprehensive Car Insurance is complete coverage for both you and the other parties involved in the event of a car accident or loss caused by you or the other person, or due to external causes such as a fire, theft, vandalism, damage by fallen objects, collapse, etc. On the contrary, a Third-party Car Insurance coverage primarily involves insuring against the losses caused to the other party involved in the accident. It is the minimum required to cover in UAE and does not provide coverage for you, your vehicle, and expenses. It has limited coverage, but it is more affordable.

Comprehensive Insurance Third-Party Coverage
Cover of personal and property damage to both parties. Cover of personal and property damage to the third or other parties.
Covers in the event of a:
  • Accident
  • Natural Disasters
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Fallen objects/Collapse
Covers in the event of a:
  • Accident
Medical expenses, coverage of prevention of death and bodily injury to both parties Medical expenses, coverage of prevention of death and bodily injury to both parties
Numerous options, slightly expensive Fairly affordable with handful of options


How is a car insurance premium calculated?

A car insurance premium is an amount that you as a car owner can pay, monthly, bi-annually, or annually, in return for the insurance coverage needed. It should be noted that your car insurance premium depends on the factors below:

  • The cost of your car

The value of your car is an important determinant of the premium for your car insurance. As per rules and guidelines in the UAE, if the value of your car or vehicle is more than AED300,000 the applicable rate is up to 2.75%, and for cars valued less than AED 100,000, the rate applied may amount to at least 3.25%, regardless of which company you may choose. 

  • Car Type, features, model, etc. 

The type and features of your car play a huge role in how your car insurance premium is calculated. For instance, the more rare, expensive, and uncommon your car type, model, and features are, the higher the car insurance premium will be.     

  • Car or Vehicle age and coverage 

If your vehicle is old, it will most likely need more repairs and protection. Thus, car insurance for it will be more expensive because higher coverage equals a higher premium.      

  • Your age, driving history, and experience

Your age, driving history, and experience also impact the car insurance premium. If you are under 25 years of age and your driving experience is under a year, your car insurance premium is likely to be higher.    

  • Agency or Non-Agency repairs

Whether you choose for your car or vehicle to be repaired by the official car dealer or externally in a garage would affect your car insurance cost. 


How to buy Car Insurance Online at Gargash Insurance?

You can buy car insurance online in 2 easy steps. Click on “Get a Quoteand fill in the quotation form with your name, contact details, car registration number. Our team of experts will reach out to you with specific car insurance quotes for your unique needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the documents required for filing a claim in a car insurance policy?

To file a car insurance claim, the following documents will be required:

  • Police Report (compulsory after an accident)
  • Car or Vehicle Registration (Mulkiya) copy
  • Valid UAE Driver’s License 
  • Emirates ID card
  • Filled claim forms from both parties


What is the maximum policy period under car insurance?

In the UAE car insurance policies have a validity of 12 months. Post expiry of the car insurance policy, each policyholder is allowed 1 month grace period to renew their car insurance policy. 


How to renew your car insurance policy if it has expired?

To renew your car insurance policy, you will need the following documents:

  • Your passport copies with Visa page
  • UAE driver’s license
  • Car or vehicle Registration details (or Mulkiya)
  • A No Claims Discount Certificate, if applied.

Should you choose to renew your car insurance with your existing insurer, you might not be required to submit all the documents mentioned above to renew your car insurance policy.