Everything You Need to Know About No-Claim Certificate in Car Insurance in the UAE

No-claim car insurance policy rewards you for not making any claims for a year by decreasing the premium of your motor insurance in Dubai 13 Jun, 2022

Let's explore various aspects of the no-claim certificate including how to get it, how to make a claim, how to transfer it, and more. Click here to read more! In this article, we’ll explore various aspects of the no-claim certificate including how to get it, how to make a claim, how to transfer it, and more.

What is a No Claim certificate?

In the case of car driving, a certificate that confirms that you have been a safe and responsible driver for a certain duration (typically a year) - is a no-claim certificate. It basically allows the insurance company to know that you are a reliable client. Using this, you become eligible for a discount on your car insurance policy. Typically, this certificate is used while you are up to renew your car insurance or transferring the existing one to another insurance company. 

What are the benefits of No Claim certificate?

To start with, if you get a no claim certificate - that’s great! As it means you had no loss or hassle with your car. With it, now is the time to take advantage of your responsible driving. 

Discount on premium

As per the UAE Insurance Authority, a one-year no-claim certificate enables you to claim for up to a 10 percent discount on your premium for the next year. Likewise, if you had it for 2 years and 3 years, you can get a discount of 15% & 20% respectively. Such rates are also subject to changes periodically. 

Transfer to new car

You can transfer your no-claim certificate earned for one car to another. This is a great way to reduce premiums when you get a car insurance policy for your second car. 

Portable to new insurance

If you’re getting a better car insurance policy deal through your insurance broker (than your current one), you can make it even sweeter by using your no-claim certificate. 

Who provides and how to get the no-claim certificate?

If you think you are eligible for a no-claim certificate, you can ask for it from your car insurance company. They may ask for certain documents for proof and grant it as per meeting certain conditions. It’s recommended that you contact your insurance company to better understand the prerequisites for it.

Does making a claim affect no-claims?

One can be careful about driving but never too sure of safety. So if you have your eyes on getting a no-claim certificate and an unfortunate event happens while driving, you are not ruled out of a no-claim certificate. In such cases, you still get to make your claim and get reimbursements, however, the discount available to you on your next year's premiums will reduce as per the severity of the claim.  

In fact, insurance companies allow up to a certain amount and number of claims till which you are still eligible for a no claim certificate. And, in some cases, you can also pay an additional premium on your car insurance to avail of a no claim bonus after making a claim. 


The need of getting a car insurance policy in Dubai comes hand in hand with getting a car. Given its benefits, getting a no-claim certificate is as much a wise economical decision as an incentive to be a cautious driver.

So, if are looking to buy a car insurance policy, ask your insurance company about their policies of no-claim bonus. If you are up for your car insurance renewal and have had a year without any claim, ask our insurance experts for a no-claim certificate to reduce your premium. Drive safe and smart!


Will I lose my no claims bonus?

You can make claims on your motor insurance in Dubai and may still not lose the discounts of no-claim bonus in entirety. However, if you cancel your insurance before its expiration or are lagging on its premium, you will lose the benefit of the no-claim bonus. 

Can you transfer the no claims bonus to another car?

Yes, you can. This is because a no-claim certificate is issued to a car driver and not a particular car. So, discount any discount you are eligible for under no claim bonus, will be transferred to another car.  

When can I use my no claim bonus?

You can avail your no claim bonus only at the time of car insurance renewal. So to start with you must have completed at least a year's subscription of the car insurance policy.  

To understand how much discount you can avail through your no-claims bonus, contact our car insurance experts today!


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