Drone Insurance in UAE: What It Is, How It Works, & Who Needs It

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Need drone insurance in the UAE? Learn what it is, how it works, and who needs it. Protect your investment and fly worry-free with drone insurance.

The Benefits of Having Drone Insurance Coverage

Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles can be navigated in the absence of a human pilot on board. With new innovations in technology, drones are evolving and advancing by the day.  These miniature aircraft models can be steered and directed from the ground via remote control and GPS tracking systems by trained operators.

Drone insurance (which is part of aviation insurance) in the UAE is an important part of owning and operating a drone. Read our comprehensive guide on drone insurance and how to find the right insurance coverage for your drone. 


Quick Read Section

  • A drone operating license is necessary to operate a drone in the UAE.
  • The General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) and the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) are two government organizations that regulate drones in the UAE.
  • Drone insurance that covers up to AED 3 million and provides protection against third-party liabilities is mandatory for commercial drones.
  • The policy covers unintentional loss or damage to the policyholder's drone, any cargo it transports, unintentional loss or damage to drone accessories or spare parts, repairs, maintenance, and replacement.


Drones are used for a variety of purposes like events, aerial mapping, photography, sports, parcel delivery, surveillance, etc. in the UAE. Marketing organizations make use of drones for shooting aerial footage for advertisements and outdoor photography. Drones are also used for surveying sites and will soon be used in shipping parcels to residents in the near future.

But in order to fly drones, there are certain regulations that you need to follow. All drone activities are regulated by the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA). The operation of drones, whether it is for a business event or for taking panoramic photographs, is strictly monitored by government authorities in UAE. This includes drones that are used in aerial sports activities.

The regulations in place by the UAE government are to ensure that drone activities do not affect air traffic or the privacy of the public.

To fly a drone in the UAE, you should acquire a drone operating license from the GCAA. In addition, commercial drones mandatorily require insurance to obtain a license in the UAE.


Is insurance coverage mandatory for flying drones in the UAE?

Yes, insurance is mandatory for drones that are used for commercial purposes. Drone coverage is included under aviation insurance policies available in the UAE. Recreational drones used in the UAE are not included under this mandate by the UAE government.

Drone insurance protects companies from liabilities due to loss or damage. Policy coverage under drone insurance is designed as per regulations by the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA).


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What does drone insurance policy cover in the UAE?

The operation of drones in the UAE is monitored and regulated by the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) and the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA). There are government regulations in place regarding obtaining a valid license, usage, and the specific zones to fly drones in the UAE. But most importantly, the laws in UAE mandate insurance coverage to operate drones in the UAE.

Drone insurance has a sum insured up to AED 3 million and the premiums for these policies have a basic starting rate of AED 1,750 (subject to change). The coverage inclusions and exclusions under drone insurance can vary depending on the insurance provider and the premium chosen.

Drone insurance typically includes:

  • Accidental loss or damage to the policyholder’s drone as well as any goods transported by it.
  • Accidental loss or damage of drone accessories or spare parts, and repairs
  • Third-party liability coverage against physical injuries or property damage caused by the policyholder’s drone.
  • Third-party liability coverage against privacy breaches and noise disturbances caused by the policyholder's drone.
  • Personal accident coverage for injuries or damage sustained during usage of the drone
  • Replacement of the drone in the event of loss or damage.


What is not included under a drone insurance policy in UAE?

There are certain situations where your drone will not be covered by an insurance policy. Some exclusions include:

  • Loss or damage caused to the drone or associated spare parts due to prolonged use and subsequent wear and tear.
  • Loss or damage caused to the drone due to poor maintenance by the owner
  • Loss or damage of the drone due to operation during harsh climatic conditions.
  • Loss or damage due to negligence and lack of attention from the drone operator


Is drone insurance worth it?

Drones are unmanned objects and can result in unforeseen accidents and perils. They are utilized for business and recreational purposes in the UAE.

Property and personal damage caused by drones can result in financial liabilities for your business. Drones are also expensive to repair and replace. Drone insurance protects drone owners from liability due to drone-related accidents and thus secures businesses from unnecessary interruptions.


At Gargash Insurance, we make sure that your drone soars high under the shield of protective coverage. With numerous customized and flexible insurance plans to meet the needs of your business, you can focus on the running of your business with confidence knowing that nothing can get in your drone’s way.



What are the factors that affect drone insurance premiums?

While choosing insurance coverage for your drone, it is important to note that drone insurance premium depends on these factors:

  • The number of drones you operate for your business
  • An estimate of the number of hours of flight activity
  • Drone operators or technicians that have to be included under coverage
  • Locations or zones where the drone will be flown


Do drones need insurance coverage?

Drones are prone to accidents, just like all other aerial vehicles. They can cause damage to expensive attached cameras, equipment as well as injuries. Misuse of drone can lead to penalties and can lead to huge financial consequences due to third-party liabilities. This can further lead to business interruption due to impending penalties and lawsuits.

Commercial drones need to register with the GCAA as well as obtain an Emirates Standards and Metrology Authority (ESMA) certificate. This is to ensure that organizations get security clearance for drone activity and the details of the drones, as well as the operators, are registered with the authorities.

The flying of drones is restricted in certain zones in UAE, known as no-fly zones. They are especially restricted 5 kms near airports as they can disrupt flight activity. Drones are also restricted in residential areas to safeguard against people’s privacy.

Drones flown into no-fly zones and unauthorized areas can get prohibited for security reasons in the UAE. Restricted flying can lead to hefty fines and without insurance coverage, your business will be liable for all the damage and injuries caused.

Get coverage to protect your drone operations from potential risks. At Gargash Insurance, we offer flexible policies that can be tailored to your individual needs at the most competitive rates.


Where can I get drone insurance?

Helping you choose the right insurance plan that offers comprehensive coverage for your drone is just what we specialize in. With our range of insurance policies from top insurers in UAE, your drone is safe from all risks and damage. Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur hobbyist, we can get you drone insurance policies that will ensure that your drone is safe and secure. Reach out to our insurance brokers who can help you compare and get quotes from various insurance companies to match your budget and needs.

Gargash Insurance provides coverage for physical damage, liability, medical expenses, loss of income due to accidents, and more. We provide competitive rates for our customers and offer flexible payment plans. Our customer service team is always ready to answer any queries you may have about our policies. With Gargash Insurance, you can fly with peace of mind knowing that your drone is covered in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.


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Drone insurance is an important consideration for anyone operating a drone. With the growing popularity of drones, it is essential to understand the risks associated with their use and how to protect yourself from potential losses. Drone insurance provides coverage for physical damage to your drone as well as liability protection in case of property damage or injury caused by your drone. It can also provide financial assistance if you need to replace or repair your drone after an accident. By understanding what kind of coverage, you need and obtaining the right policy, you can ensure that you are protected when flying your drone.

Talk to us today and we’ll help you find the best drone insurance coverage so your business can aim for the skies.

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