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Get Public Liability Insurance

A Public Liability Insurance Policy covers your legal liability (including legal defense costs and expenses) for death, bodily injury and/or property damage to any third party arising out of or in connection with your business

Get Professional Indemnity Insurance

The Professional Indemnity (PI) cover provides indemnity against legal liability (including legal costs and expenses) for negligent acts, errors, breach of duty or omission arising out of professional activities.

Get Property All Risk Insurance

This is an “All Risks” policy to cover accidental or physical loss, destruction or damage to the insured property subject to specified

Get Contractors All Risk Insurance

Contractors’ All Risks [CAR] Insurance protects the interests of principal, contractors, subcontractors and other relevant parties involved in construction activities.

Office Package Insurance

Office Package policies are designed to cover the various risks that an office is exposed to.

Get Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

Workmen’s Compensation Insurance is designed to protect the employer against their obligations under UAE labour law and provides compensation to employees for accidental death and injury

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Public Liability Insurance
Professional Indemnity Insurance
Property All Risk Insurance
Contractors All Risk Insurance
Office Package Insurance
Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

A Public Liability Insurance policy can be tailored to your needs. It can be extended to cover your exposure whilst you operate outside your business premises. It can also cover your liability as a tenant or a landlord. In it’s extended form, this policy can be converted to a Commercial General Liability insurance by including coverage for Products Liability.

  • Landlord-Liability

    Tenant’s / Landlord’s Liability

    The policy covers your liability towards either your landlord or your tenant.

  • Workaway-Cover

    Workaway Cover

    Though the basic cover is restricted to your business premises, the policy can be extended to cover work-away risks.

  • Food-Drinks

    Food and Drinks

    Any liability arising out of serving/delivering food or beverages can be included in the policy.

A PI (Professional Indemnity) Insurance policy can be taken by professional organizations that are involved in intellectual works. It can be taken by Lawyers, Consultants, Chartered Accountants, Engineers & Architects, IT Consultants etc. PI Policies can be taken for specific projects or annually.

  • Covers-Errors

    Covers Errors and Omissions

    The policy is designed to provide indemnity for financial liabilities arising out of an error or omission in your professional duty.

  • Specific-Policies

    Project Specific Policies

    Short term or long term project specific policies can be provided. Policies can even have Extended Reporting Period as per requirement.

  • Different-Professionals

    Different Professionals

    Different covers are available for Engineers, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Software companies etc.

A Property All Risks (PAR) Insurance policy is a wider form of cover compared to standard fire and Allied perils policy. It covers all the major perils including (but not limited to) destruction, loss or damage to the property by fire, accidental damage, lightning, explosion, storm, tempest, flood, bursting and overflowing of water tanks, apparatus or pipes, earthquake , theft due to forcible and violent entry etc.

  • Risk

    An All Risk Insurance Policy

    It is called an All Risk Insurance policy since it covers all perils apart from those specifically excluded in the policy.

  • Operational-Pproperties

    Insure Operational properties

    A PAR insurance policy can be issued for any property which is operational and is fixed.

  • Loss-Of-Profits

    Insure Loss Of Profits

    The policy can be extended to include Business Interruption or Loss of profits due to interruption in business following an insured peril.

A Contractors All Risk Insurance can be taken for a specific project or for all projects undertaken by a contractor in an year. It has 2 sections:The first section covers material damage to the contract works, construction equipment and principal’s surrounding property. The 2nd section covers legal liability arising out of third party death / injury or property damage due to emanating from the construction project

  • Risk

    All Risk Insurance Policy

    This policy covers all perils apart from those specifically excluded in the policy.

  • Projects

    Type Of Projects

    A CAR policy can cover any projects that is majorly Civil in nature including construction of villas, buildings, roads, bridges etc.

  • Annual-Policies

    Annual Policies Available

    For contractors who undertake many projects which are similar in nature, an annual policy covering all projects can be offered.

The Office Package Insurance policies are segmented into various sections like Property damage, Business Interruption, Liability, Workmen’s Compensation, Money Insurance, Fidelity Guarantee and other similar covers. This gives an advantage to the business owner to get all possible covers included in a single policy document with a single policy expiry date.

  • Combined-Policy

    Combined Policy

    This policy is combined to include various covers that is required by an office.

  • Choice

    Choice of Sections

    The insured can choose one or more sections from the available options.

  • Saves-Hassles

    Saves Administrative Hassles

    A single policy with a single expiry date saves a lot of administrative hassles vis a vis having separate policies for each cover.

A Workmen’s Compensation policy pays compensation for death, injury, disability, medical expenses etc. arising out of accidents for employees that are exposed to various work-related risks while performing their routine functions. In addition to the basic cover, the policy can be extended to include Employer’s Liability Extension to protect against claims made against the employer by the employees or their families.

  • Compensation

    Compensation as per Labor Court

    The policy provides compensation as per the labor laws.

  • Additional-Covers

    Additional Covers

    Various additional covers like medical expenses, 24 hours Cover, repatriation expenses etc can be given.

  • Employer-Liability

    Employer’s Liability

    The employer’s liability section covers the legal compensation that the employer might be subject to if they are held liable.


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What do you need to know about different Business Insurance policies?

Public Liability Insurance
Professional Indemnity Insurance
Property All Risk Insurance
Contractors All Risk Insurance
Office Package Insurance
Workmen’s Compensation Insurance
1. Who needs to take Public Liability Insurance policy?

This insurance should be taken by any and every business because every business has a duty of care towards third parties.

2. Does Public Liability Insurance cover public fees

Yes, the coverage includes the awarded liability and legal and defense costs.

3. Is a Public Liability insurance compulsory in the UAE?

No. But it is mandatory in many freezones. It is always better to check with your insurance broker whether it is mandatory for you.

1. Who can take a PI Policy?

Any organization who are into intellectual works can take this policy. This includes Architects, Consultants, Engineers, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Software companies etc.

2. Can Medical Establishments or professionals take this a Professional Indemnity Insurance policy?

No medical establishments and professionals cannot take the PI insurance policy. For medical professionals and establishments, there is a separate insurance policy called Medical Malpractice Insurance policy.

3. Are project specific policies available?

Yes, PI Insurance policies for specific projects is common especially for Engineering contracts.

1. What is the difference between a Fire and allied perils policy & a PAR (Property All Risk) Insurance Policy?

A Fire and allied perils policy covers certain perils which are specifically named like fire, lightning etc. A PAR Policy covers all risks apart from certain exclusions which are specifically mentioned.

2. What are the various properties that can be insured under PAR (Property All Risk) Insurance?

Any operational property like a factory, warehouse, building, tower, mall, apartment, villa etc can be insured.

3. On what values should I insure my properties with a PAR (Property All Risk) Insurance Policy?

For fixed assets like buildings, you should insure at the current replacement value. For stocks, you can insure at market value.

1. Who can take a CAR (Construction All Risk) Insurance Policy?

A CAR (Construction All Risk) Policy can be taken by the Contractor, the principal, a sub contractor or any other party to a contract. Most popularly, it is the contractor who takes this policy.

2. What happens if I have taken a CAR (Construction All Risk) Insurance Policy and the project is extended beyond the policy?

CAR (Construction All Risk) Insurance Policy can be extended to cover this extension period subject to the acceptance of the underwriters.

3. What is the difference between a CAR (Construction All Risk) Insurance and EAR (Erection All Risk) Insurance Policy?

A CAR (Construction All Risk) Insurance policy is offered when the construction is primarily civil. However if the project is an Electro-mechanical project, the correct policy is EAR (Erection All Risk) Insurance Policy

1. Why is it called an Office Package Insurance policy or a combined insurance policy?

It is called an office package policy since various covers are packaged in to one single policy.

2. Do all sections of an Office Package Insurance policy need to be selected?

No, you can select the covers as per your requirements.

3. Is Office Package Insurance policy only for offices?

Yes. This is only for offices. However, other package policies are available for Shops, Restaurants etc.

1. Under Workmen’s Compensation Insurance, What should constitute the Estimated Annual wages that needs to be declared?

The annual Gross wages should be declared. The loss of wages compensation is based on this value declared, and if only the Basic wages is declared, the compensation can be less.

2. Is the Workmen’s Compensation Policy mandatory?

The workmen’s compensation insurance policy is mandatory in various Free Zones in the UAE.

3. Does the Workmen’s Compensation Insurance policy cover natural death?

No. The WC policy covers accidental death. To cover natural death, the ideal insurance policy is Group Life & Personal Accident insurance (GLPA). You can find out more about Group Life Insurance here.