5 DIY Monthly Checks for your Car

 5 DIY Checks You Must Do every Month for Your Car 01 Sep, 2022

Stay car care aware by doing these five DIY checks to maintain your car monthly. Click here to read more!

Car Care in the UAE 

Life is often busy in the UAE filled with numerous commitments. Many commute to and fro from work daily and utilize the rest of their day for personal chores, commitments, and errands. Amidst such busy lifestyles, it is convenient to own and drive a car in the UAE. Owning your very own car is convenient as it saves time and money for travel. However, ensuring optimum car health is vital for prolonged car life.

One way to ensure prolong car health is via routine car checks and maintenance. Most routine checks and maintenance are also done to avoid any possible inconveniences such as breakdowns and expensive repairs, etc in the future. Thus, the overall health of your car depends on how well you care for it early on. So, a few monthly checks for your car are crucial.

Here are some monthly checks for your car to prolong car life:

Engine Oil

Engine oil keeps your car running smoothly thus it is important to check your car engine oil levels and change it regularly,.  To check and monitor your car engine oil, make use of a dipstick to measure and monitor oil levels. Usually you can find a dipstick in your car tools section on under the bonnet of the car.  First, start by inserting the dipstick into the engine and wipe it clean with a clean rag or cloth. Repeat for the second time by inserting the dipstick into the engine and check oil levels to see if it is sufficient. Make sure to check if the oil is translucent and smooth. If the oil is dark-coloured, this is an indication that your engine oil needs to be changed.

Coolant and Radiator Checks

Coolants are added to the engine cooling system of a car to keep the engine cool and to prevent it from overheating. To check where your car coolant filter cap is, refer to your car handbook and locate markings indicating ‘min’ or ‘max’ at the side of the expansion tank. If the indicator levels sign ‘min’ or low, add more engine coolant until it reaches the maximum mark. It is generally advised to pour coolant when the car engine is cool when the car has been resting for a while. Only add coolant once after the car engine has been switched off and allowed to cool down.


Checking and maintaining car tyres is an important part of ensuring safety and longevity of your car. Thus, it is advised to check your tyres every month. One thing you should watch out for is possible scrapes and scratches on the tyres that can be dangerous in the long run. Furthermore, it is advised to maintain your tyre air pressure on the car’s recommended PSI (Pound Per Square Inch) level. Pound Per Square Inch level is the amount of air pressure required to support your cars’ maximum load. Most cars recommended PSI level is between 32-35. This range,, can be found in your car handbook or manual or on the driver side door panel. It is especially important to ensure maintaining a safe air pressure level in the summer as an over-inflated tyre can be dangerous in the heat. 

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is fluid used in the hydraulic system of your car to help amplify the force of your foot on the brake pedal. brake fluid is important is because without it, you would require much more force to halt your car to a stop. To check your car’s brake fluid levels, first, ensure that your car engine is cool and has been resting. Then, locate your car’s master cylinder which is placed behind the engine bay, by the driver’s side of the car. The brake fluid reservoir itself should usually be translucent in color and have ‘max’ and ‘min’ markings on it. If the markings indicate low or ‘minimum’ brake fluid on the reservoir, add sufficient brake fluid generously. Be sure to wipe off any excess spills as brake fluid is corrosive and dangerously toxic. Add only levels specified in your car user’s handbook. Another tip is to check the colour of the brake fluid, and clean off any dirt or dust on the rim or surrounding the reservoir to avoid any dirt from getting into the reservoir.

AC Filter

Make sure to check your car’s AC filter regularly as part of your monthly checks for your car. This would be necessary in the summer when air-conditioning is most required. Keep your car AC filter clean for its best performance. These checks should also avoid any inconveniences that may arise in the future.

Overall Cleanliness

Overall cleanliness and maintenance are just as important for car life longevity. This includes cleaning the exterior and interior of your car sufficiently at least once every month. For instance, windshields and rear mirrors need to be clean for clear visibility. To specify, wash the exterior of your car with water and soap and finish with wax for that shiny sparkle. Most fuel and gas stations these days have fully automated car wash facilities that will only take a matter of minutes. For your interiors, make use of water, soap, and a clean cloth (preferably, microfibre) to clean dust and dirt. Avoid the use of products with alcohol if your car interiors are made with leather as this can cause it to fade. Pay particular attention to surfaces such as the steering wheel, gear box, door handles, etc. as they can be prone to dirt and germs of all kind. Make use of an anti-bacterial cleaning solution to disinfect from such pathogens. As for cleaning your engine, avoid the use of water and instead use air pressure to clean any dirt or dust particles away.

Pro tips:

In addition to the above, pay close attention to the following at least once a month to avoid inconveniences in the long run.

  • Check to see your car safety kit is in place for emergencies
  • Ensure that you have a spare tyre at all times should the need arise
  • Keep an eye on your car’s total distance travelled to keep up with your regular car servicing for engine oil, etc as mentioned above

Monthly checks for your car are vital for keeping your car healthy in the long run. Most steps are however, also important as precautionary measures for your safety and others traveling with you. These monthly car checks do not take long but makes a big difference in how long your car will run smoothly with fewer problems as possible.

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