7 Things to Keep in Mind around Car Maintenance

7 Things to Keep in Mind around Car Maintenance 15 Jul, 2022

Learn more about the essential tips to maintain your car in good & healthy condition and other important details by keeping these 7 things in mind before hitting on the road.

Car Maintenance 

Your responsibility towards your car doesn’t end after purchasing it. Maintenance plays a crucial role in achieving optimum performance. A car is a long-term investment; you must put in the effort to maintain it to prolong its life. Avoiding the cost of its upkeep can lead to bigger costs in the future that could’ve been easily prevented. Car maintenance in the UAE is a hassle-free process due to the availability of various service centres that offer services at your doorstep.

Quick Read Section

  • Cars in the UAE require regular service, especially in harsh summers. 7 things to keep in mind around car maintenance are:
  1. Get an official service contract
  2. Inspect the tires
  3. Keep the car cool
  4. Check vehicle fluids
  5. Engine oil
  6. Check the sparks plug and battery
  7. Change the air filters

Given below is a detailed list of 7 aspects you should consider around car maintenance:

1. Get an official service contract: Upon purchasing the car of your choice, there will be a period of warranty, however once that period finishes you are responsible for timely servicing of the car. It is recommended to get a service contract from the car dealership or an authorized third-party car garage, after the warranty period ends. Choose a contract that has comprehensive coverage. Ideally, your car should be fully serviced every six months.

2. Inspect the tires: Your vehicle’s tires face the most amount of contact with the road which makes them prone to wear and tear. They should be inspected carefully around the time of service to ensure the appropriate amount of tire pressure. Incorrect pressure in tires can lead to increased fuel consumption and affect vehicle mileage and performance. Also, pay attention to the alignment, rotation and balance of your tires – it will help ensure a smooth drive.

3. Keep the car cool: Cars in the UAE have a bigger challenge to face – heat. With summer temperatures soaring up till 50 degrees celsius, your car’s engine requires extra care. An overheated engine is the primary cause for breakdown in this season. Ensure you have adequate level of engine coolant and that the air conditioning and filtration system of the car is functioning properly. Keep your car cool this summer by carrying a sunshade, parking in the shade and keeping the power steering wheel covered.

4. Check vehicle fluids: While scheduling maintenance keep a check on your car’s essential fluids such as – the transmission fluid, engine coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid and the washer fluid. Ensure these are topped up during service as they play a vital role in your car’s safety.

5. Engine Oil: As newer models of cars are developed; the engine oil does not have to be changed as frequently as before. Engine oil grade and quality are crucial in this respect; they should not be tampered or compromised on. The oil grade is selected depending on the make of your car. Incompatible & unclean oil can block your engine filters and directly impacts your vehicle’s performance.

6. Check the spark plugs and battery: The spark plug in your vehicle is a key element that should be inspected regularly. It ignites the fuel inside your tank giving the engine the required power to accelerate. It should be checked at the authorized garages. The battery as well should be checked frequently for leaks or damage. You can even test the battery yourself with a battery tester. Ensure there are no leaks or build-ups, if there are, use the appropriate brush to clean it carefully.

7. Change the air filters: The cabin air filter and the engine air filter have to be replaced regularly. The cabin air filter can also be done yourself. It should be purchased from an authorized auto shop, and relevant instructions should be followed to replace it. Your engine air filter may get clogged after a period of time or if you drive long distances frequently. It should be changed in due time to ensure optimum performance.


Car maintenance in the UAE has been made a convenient process with ample of resources available. You should invest the time and effort to look after your car regularly to ensure its smooth functioning. Overlooking the service routine will hamper its performance and lead to frequent breakdowns. 

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