Covers charges for treatments of your beloved pets from the qualified & registered veterinarians in the UAE

The Bows and Meows - Now Insured

Covers of up to AED 30,000 that includes treatments for kittens and puppies as young as 12 weeks old up to 8 years old cats and dogs.

Comprehensive coverage for your house & contents

Safeguard your house, your family and, home contents with just one comprehensive Home Insurance plan

Home Insurance at just AED 1/day*

Easy, economical, and effective protection for your home-sweet-home. Avail high coverage at low premiums

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  • Four-legged Family Members

    Avail cost-effective treatment for your adorable puppies, kitten, dogs, and cats of 12 weeks to 8 years old for any injury, illness, disease, or any symptom

  • Furry Cover

    Covers of up to AED 30,000 that include Surgery costs, Hospitalization due to accident or illness, out-patient consultation and treatment, 3rd party damage and 3rd party personal injury.

  • Registered Veterinarian in UAE

    Provide treatment from qualified and registered veterinarians in UAE because your precious pets deserve the best

  • Contents & Building

    Be insured against Natural calamities like earthquakes, storms, and flood. Political disturbances like riots, strikes, etc. Accidents like theft or attempted theft from home, damage caused by breakage of white goods, other equipment etc.

  • Loss of Rent and/or Alternative Accommodation

    The policyholder is covered for up to 12 months’ rent subject to a limit of 20% of the building sum insured up to a maximum limit of AED 500,000 or the reinstatement of the building making it fit to live

  • Third Party Liability

    Choose home insurance that ensures your peace of mind by taking care of liabilities towards third parties like Tenants Liability and Landlords Liability as applicable.


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What you need to know about Home & Pet Insurance?

Pet Insurance
Home Insurance
1. Benefits of pet insurance and what does it cover

The cost of pet treatments has been on an all-time rise. Pet insurance, as an optional add-on to home insurance, ensures you effectively manage the cost of treatments and consultation, while still ensuring your pet is taken care of and treated by a registered veterinarian in UAE. The benefits of a pet insurance plan are as follows:

Medical Coverage for Pets – A pet insurance policy will safeguard the health and safety of your pet by paying all charges for necessary treatments carried out by a qualified veterinarian in UAE for any injury, illness, disease, or any symptoms or signs of injury, illness, or disease, including related problems during the policy period

Financial support for a pet owner – while there is nothing that can take away the anguish a pet owner feels seeing their beloved pet in pain, however, a pet insurance policy does ease the financial burden of the owner during the policy period. The cost of pet treatments is higher and unpredictable, compared to a stable and lower pet insurance cost.

Reduction in abandoned pets – the financial burdens of pet treatments often coerce owners to abandon their pets. A pet insurance plan by taking control of the pet treatment expenses allows owners to continue caring for their pets and reduces the number of abandoned pets

The cover features will depend on the type of pet insurance policy chosen, below are the details of what is covered in each of the different pet insurance plans

2. Types of Pet Insurance Plans

While evaluating plans, some of the important factors to consider are pet insurance cost and coverage.

The Maxi Package Pet Insurance plan covers the following:

Surgery costs of up to AED 18,000 and a maximum of 2 claims per annum Cost of hospitalization due to accident or illness of up to AED 600 per day with a maximum of 20 days per annum

Outpatient consultation and treatment of up to AED 350 per consultation excluding the cost of medicine, treatment, and tests with a maximum of 20 consultations per annum

Optional Third-Party Liability Pet Insurance cover inclusions: Third-Party Property Damage: of up to AED 50,000 with a maximum of 2 claims per annum Third-Party Bodily Injury: of up to AED 100,000 with a maximum of 2 claims per annum

The Mini Package Pet Insurance plan covers the following: Surgery & illness & injury of up to AED 5,000 per annum

Third-Party Property Damage & Third-Party Bodily Injury: of up to AED 50,000 per annum Cost of hospitalization due to accident or illness of up to AED 500 per day with a maximum of 10 days per annum Outpatient consultation and treatment of up to AED 150 per consultation excluding the cost of medicine, treatment, and tests with a maximum of 10 consultations per annum Third-Party Liability of AED 50,000 with any one occurrence and in aggregate with a maximum of 2 claims per annum.

3. What is the cost of vet treatments?

Post pet adoption, the first set of charges vary from AED 1,000 to AED 5,000 that includes veterinary fees such as shots, tests, and microchip charges. The vaccination courses could cost up to AED 650 and the average routine vet cost range from AED 200 to AED 450. The vet costs for cats and dogs will differ, the consultation and treatment costs also vary depending on the type and condition of the pet.

The treatments and vet routines vary for dogs based on their breed, age, condition however having dog insurance ensures their medical needs are taken care of. Adult cats usually need at least 1 vet visit a year, while kittens might need vet visits every 3 to 4 weeks till they are 4 years old, it is important to have a cat insurance in place to cover for treatments and consultations

4. How to keep your pets healthy

With the adoption of adorable pets comes great responsibility, hence the decision to adopt a pet should be carefully thought through. Just like other family members, ensuring the well-being and health of a pet also requires substantial time, effort, and investment. While the exact routines might differ based on the type and condition of the pet, some common tips to keep your pets healthy are as follows:

Food first: prioritize the nutrition of your pets and feed them high-quality foods to support their health Exercise – allot at least 30 minutes daily to engage your pets in some form of exercise like walking, playing with a ball, etc.

Regular vet visits: ensure you are getting your pet examined by a registered veterinarian at least once a year. Our pet insurance covers 10 and 20 consultations for mini package and maxi package respectively with registered veterinarians in UAE.

Keep them safe: Man’s best friend, dogs are more prone to accidents and injuries compared to cats, having a dog insurance will ensure your waggy tailed best friend is safe when they get into trouble. While safer compared to dogs, cats are inherently curious and feisty, and might swallow foreign objects, have animal bites from run ins with other cats or animals etc., a cat insurance will protect your feline friend.

Love and affection: you mean the world to your pet, ensure you spend some time cuddling, playing, and letting your precious pet know just how special they are.

1. What is home insurance and who needs it?

For most of us home is not just a place to reside, it is a space that encompasses our emotions, memories, and dreams, hence it is incredibly important to protect it. Home insurance, also known as house insurance or homeowners insurance does that and more because our home insurance plan is inclusive of building insurance and home contents insurance. In the unfortunate event of a natural calamity like earthquake, flood, etc., or theft or vandalism that can damage your home, home insurance protects and covers both the interior and exterior of your home.

Since UAE is one of the safest countries in the world and is not prone to any natural calamities like earthquakes or floods., residents often choose not to buy home insurance. However, catastrophes like fire or leakages have taken place and led to huge financial losses for the homeowners, and since these events usually take place without prior warning, it is advisable for all homeowners in Dubai should buy home insurance for the safety of their greatest asset which is home

Home insurance is also very important for those who travel frequently, as incidents of water damage due to leaky pipes can substantially damage your home, and without a home insurance policy to cover you financially, you would be obligated to pay for the damages. 88.52% of the UAE population are expatriates, and most of the expatriates' population reside in rented or leased apartments. Tenants need to buy home contents insurance because landlords are only obligated to cover property damage in case of calamities. To protect and safeguard belongings such as jewelry, furniture, electronic equipment, tenants are strongly advised to buy home insurance.

Residents of all the seven emirates of UAE can benefit from Home Insurance, irrespective of whether they own, rent or lease, an apartment, or a villa.

Take that step to truly protect your home sweet home and buy home insurance today.

2. How to decide the value of your home insurance?

We understand your home and belongings are more than their financial worth and while recuperating from the emotional toll of losing them would take time, we do cover you financially. Our home insurance plans start as low as AED 1/day, however, the home insurance quote will vary depending on the size of the house, also if a house contains numerous high-value items it will reflect in the homeowners insurance quote. Most home insurance plans are based on the overall estimated value of people’s homes so if new items are purchased and the total value remains within the value a homeowner has insured, they will not need to pay an additional premium. However, if high-value items are added, this might change. If you have high-value assets it is best to include them in the coverage even if they might lead to a pricier homeowners insurance quote, because otherwise in the case of an accident you will have to be liable for the financial damages.

3. What is covered under contents and building?

When somebody decides to buy home insurance, they are deciding to be covered against the damage caused by natural calamities like lightning, earthquake, storm, and flood on their home building and its contents. A comprehensive home insurance cover like ours will also compensate for the damages caused by fire, explosion, smoke damage, impact with a building involving an aircraft, aerial device, or anything falling from them, or accidents that involve vehicles or animals and for financial damages caused by political disturbances, riots, civil commotion or in the case unfortunate events of threat and vandalism.

While one might think, UAE is one of the safest countries in the world and the occurrence of any of the natural disasters or accidents seem relatively improbable. Then how is home insurance useful?

Like most UAE residents, you too might have a variety of domestic appliances like a washing machine, refrigerator, etc. installed in your home. Cooling installations like Air-cons, coolers, etc. are a necessity to manage in the hot climate of UAE. Our home insurance policy covers you for any damage caused by the escape of water or oil from any of these devices. It also covers for any damage like breakage of TV, white goods, or other equipment.

4. What is covered under content?

The contents clause* of home insurance covers the following for loss of important documents, loss of money, loss of metered water, mirrors, and glass, and damage to personal possessions, valuables, portables, and sports equipment. It also covers the cost of shifting to a new house, tenant’s improvements, and visitor’s personal effects

What is covered under the building section?

Under the building clause*, a home insurance owner is covered for the building sum insured, accidental damage to the cable and underground pipes, architect’s surveyors legal and consulting engineers’ fees, breakage of fixed glass and sanitary fixtures, emergency access and trace and access.

*T & C apply

For additional protection, home insurance owners can also avail of additional covers like debris removal, fire brigade charges, extinguishment and mitigation costs, garden cover, and additional coverage on the loss of metered water

5. What else are you covered for when you buy home insurance?

Liability: our home insurance policy covers your home and peace of mind. Liability to the public: The liability to the public covers the owner of building/s and private houseowner occupying a building. In respect of fatal and non-fatal bodily injury and accidental property damage.

Tenants’ liability: The tenant's liability covers the legal liability of a policyholder as tenants of the premises for any damage or destruction by perils, for which the policyholder is liable to the owner

Landlord’s Liability: The landlord’s liability covers the legal liability of a policyholder as landlords of the premises for any damage or destruction by perils, for which policyholder is liable to the tenant

Domestic Servants: our home insurance plan includes protection for domestic servants like maids, drivers, etc. The personal accident covers the domestic servant in the unfortunate circumstances of an accidental bodily injury that occurs within the geographical limit covered under the home insurance, the home insurance owner is covered for medical and repatriation expenses. It also covers the employer’s liability towards the domestic servant, in case of an injury or illness that arises during the insurance period.

Fatal Injury Benefits: our home insurance policy covers much more than the home. Under the fatal injury section of our home insurance the policyholder, their spouse, and children are covered for any bodily injury caused by violent external and visible means like fire, theft, etc. which can result in death.

Loss of Rent and/or Alternative Accommodation: Our home insurance policy cushions the financial blow by covering for the loss of rent that occurs because the home is unfit to live in and the cost of alternative accommodation till their house is made fit to live in.