Your guide to the perfect Travel Insurance for your next trip

Your guide to the perfect Travel Insurance for your next trip - Gargash Insurance 06 Oct, 2021

Protect your travel plans with the right coverage! This blog covers the top features and benefits of travel insurance, with a focus on the UAE. From emergency medical coverage to trip cancellation protection, learn why travel insurance is a must-have for any adventure.

Are you planning your next trip? All packed up and ready to go… until something unexpected happens… and your flight was cancelled, lose your baggage or you had gotten ill or injured on your trip. While we prepare well for the trip, we do not necessarily take into consideration such unprecedented events. So how can you prepare for a trip, taking into consideration such contingencies? Travel insurance.

Features of a travel insurance policy

Expert advice on selection of cover

With acquiring a travel insurance plan, one can also avail expert advice on the kinds of cover to choose. Professionals will analyse and offer guidance on travel insurance covers that best suit your needs and requirements.

Choice of products from international and local insurance companies

Most insurers also offer a range of travel insurance policies even from various international and local providers. One has the liberty to choose a plan from the many options offered, again, which best suit their requirements. More options mean more comparisons, where one can avail the best possible plan with maximum benefits.

Swift Claims Assistance

With travel insurance, one can also benefit from swift and cooperative assistance from trained professionals who aim to deliver the best service in times of claims made. Usually, making and settling claims can be tedious and inconvenient. However, most insurance providers these days aim to make their claims process easy and hassle-free so their customers are not inconvenienced.

Multiple cover benefits and options

 Various kinds of travel insurance cover options offer multiple features to benefit from. For example, Comprehensive travel insurance may offer:

  • Flight cancellation charges and costs
  • Medical costs face upon travelling
  • Medical expenses incurred upon travelling
  • Cover for loss of luggage or documents
  • Personal accident cover


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Benefits of acquiring travel insurance

If you plan on travelling care-free consider taking up a travel insurance plan as it allows for you to focus on enjoying every minute of the experience than worrying about what could go wrong. Here are the benefits of acquiring a travel insurance plan:

Medical and emergency cover and assistance

Should the traveller face a medical emergency of some sort, a suitable travel insurance cover may help cover the emergency expenses incurred. This would be advantageous as it would not require such expenses to be covered from one’s pocket.

Luggage and document loss cover

In the unfortunate event of losing one’s luggage and/ or personal possessions, documents etc. a comprehensive travel insurance plan will step in to assist the traveller in the losses sustained. The traveller can make claims for the items or possessions lost. Note that cover for each item or belonging may be subjective to the travel insurance plan chosen, so it is advised to consider the plan that best suits your needs and requirements.

Flight cancellation cover

If the traveller is faced with a cancelled flight in an unforeseen event, a comprehensive travel insurance plan will help cover or compensate for the inconvenience incurred. Covers and compensation are subject to each travel insurance plan; ensure verifying various plans for covers with suitable solutions.

Personal accident cover

Should any harm come to the traveller during the trip, a comprehensive travel insurance plan would offer personal accident covers to account for any injuries or losses experienced. This would prevent the traveller from facing any inconvenience of paying from their personal expenses.

Suitable for most travel and visa requirements

Where most countries do not require travel insurance as a mandatory requirement to travel, some destinations need insurance as a mandatory requirement. Some of these destinations include Czech Republic, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, and Poland etc. Travel insurance will then be necessary to apply for and travel to these destinations.

Importance of travel insurance

While we pay close attention to the tickets purchased, clothes and belongings packed and essential equipment such as phones, cameras and gears, we may not consider the potential uncertainties one may face upon travelling. Where a travel insurance plan may be easily overlooked, it can prove extensively useful when needed. It is sensible to travel prepared than left to face inconveniences in territories you have never been to before.

Things to consider when buying travel insurance

The type of cover or travel insurance you choose would depend on multiple factors. Here’s what you should consider before buying a travel insurance plan:

Travel destination

The insurance cover type you choose should take into consideration where you plan to travel to. For example, destinations of dangerous or challenging nature may require a travel insurance plan that potentially covers medical and emergency cover, personal accident cover and/ or personal liability cover.


The choice of insurance type would also depend on how much you are willing to spend on the cover. For those who plan to insure with insurance covering all aspects, a comprehensive travel insurance plan would be suitable. For others who prefer just specific features of a travel insurance cover, budget-friendly plans are available to choose from.

Duration of trip

The price of the premium paid for travel insurance will also depend on the duration of the trip. For instance, the premium paid for a trip of 1 week may vary with a premium paid for 2-3 weeks. 

Extra destinations or stops

If you had planned a trip with multiple destinations or stops, the type of insurance chosen and the premium paid will be affected. Ensure that you notify your insurance provider of the above when buying travel insurance.

Medical conditions

Upon buying a travel insurance plan for your trip, it is advised to inform your insurance provider of any concerning medical conditions, so you are insured with the best plan suited for your personal needs.



Bon Voyage!

If you plan to travel in the future, consider acquiring a suitable travel insurance plan, one that would protect and cover for you in times of need. For best travel insurance plans, get in touch with our travel insurance experts!

Until then, we wish you a safe journey.



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