What is the black points system in Dubai?

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If you are driving in Dubai, you should know about the points system. Black points are allotted for error and mishaps while driving. Read this article to find out what is the black point system in Dubai


  • Black points are allocated to drivers for errors and carelessness while driving. The maximum points are 24 and least as much as 2. Reaching 24 points will result in license cancellation and ban for 1 year.
  • It will be removed after a year, and should be back to zero. Certain violations come with fines.
  • With 147 violations in 24, 12, 8, 6, 4, 3, 2 points, ranging from most severe to lesser respectively:
  • 24 POINTS: driving under influence of alcohol, drugs, and narcotics, driving a vehicle without a number plate, not stopping after an accident that has caused injuries where the one who caused the accident fled the scene.
  • 12 POINTS: racing/ driving dangerously and recklessly, running away from a traffic policeman and driving in a way that creates a dangerous threat to civilians. 
  • 8 POINTS: causing serious injuries to someone on the motorway, jumping a red traffic light thus causing a reaction of dangerous outcomes.
  • 6 POINTS: include exceeding speed limit by more than 60km/h, entering road dangerously or precariously, causing modest amounts of injury to someone- driver or passenger. Overtaking from a prohibited place, causing serious dangerous damage to a vehicle, not giving way for pedestrians!
  • 4 POINTS: parking in special needs and ambulance parking, driving against opposite flow of traffic, children under 10 years to sit in front seat, not fastening seat belts while driving, littering motorways, going through prohibited entries, carrying, transporting passengers illegally, using mobile phones while driving, and driving without valid car Insurance.
  • 3 POINTS: parking on pavement, overloading on light weight vehicles without permission, exceeding passenger limit, not using indicators on changing direction/ turning, stopping a vehicle that it poses danger or block on traffic, abuse of parking space for undesignated use, vehicle with unclear number plates.
  • 2 POINTS: having broken/ unusable indicator lights, use of horn in a disturbing way, driving with one number plate, on whatever side. And most importantly, parking in prohibited areas.

Black Points System in Dubai 

Those of us who drive in Dubai are well aware of the Black Points System. Traffic regulations and guidelines ensure a safe, reliable and harmonious motorway for drivers and passengers alike preventing anyone from committing an offence to put anyone in harm’s way. To harm one’s self is one thing, but to put another into harm’s way as a result of negligence, carelessness, recklessness and lack of empathy is another matter entirely. We must also take into consideration the consequences of violating such safety and traffic guidelines on our cars and its car life longevity. So what are “Black Points” and what do they represent or signify?                                                                

Generally, the points an individual has obtained is an indication of their skills and ability as a driver on a motorway, where the maximum points one can obtain is up to 24, and the least are 2, ranging from severe to less serious, respectively. Upon reaching 24 points your license will be cancelled and banned for 1 year. The points however will be removed after a year, and should be back to zero, however with certain violations, you will also be fined   

If the Black Point System is new to you, know that there exist up to 147 violations that are allotted  24, 12, 8, 6, 4, 3, 2 points depending on the type of offense. Following are just a selection of a few violations with their respective points. 

24 POINTS involves the heaviest of the set of violations, including driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, and similar materials, where this renders the driver incapable of being able to drive safely and harmlessly. 

Additionally, driving a vehicle without a number plate too poses an offence in the motorway, as this serves as identification of the vehicle registration, city of registration and further, information about the driver.                                                                                                                                                     

Not stopping after an accident that has caused injuries rests as one of the highest violations of traffic regulations, in other words, a “Hit-and-run”, where the driver that caused the accident has fled the scene, after inflicting injuries on another civilian, or motorist, individual. 24 points are allotted when any of these offenses are committed

12 POINTS entails racing or dangerously driving on the motorway, one forgets the threat to others as a result of the careless “fun” these drivers have. Driving dangerously and recklessly jeopardizing the safety of others.

Running away from a traffic policeman and driving in a way that creates a dangerous threat to civilians render you penalised with at least 12 Black points

 8 POINTS:  violations include causing serious injuries to someone on the motorway, jumping a red traffic light that may also cause a reaction of dangerous outcomes.

6 POINTS violations include those exceeding the maximum speed limit by more than 60km/h, entering road dangerously or precariously without much mind to the harm it may bring anyone.

Causing modest or fair amounts of injury to someone- be it a driver, passenger and so on.

Overtaking from a forbidden or prohibited place as the said “place” is supposedly dangerous to overtake. 

Causing serious dangerous damage to a vehicle of any sort too earns a 6 black point penalty on one’s license as you have brought damage, property or otherwise, to someone, possibly causing a loss of sorts to the individual and his well-being, not to mention compromising car protection of your own.

A further important yet easily overlooked violation involves not giving way for pedestrians on pedestrian crossings! We may have faced at one point in time or another, and could easily go wrong, very fast. 

4 POINTS includes violations such as parking in places allocated for people with special needs and requirements, ambulance parking. Driving against traffic or the opposite flow of traffic becomes dangerous for you and other vehicles that are pursuing in the opposite direction. In addition to your car protection, you put others’ at jeopardy.

Amongst the rest, consenting to let children under 10 years of age sit in the front seat of a vehicle, not fastening seat belts while driving, throwing waste and littering motorways, highways and roads.

Going through a “Prohibited” entry would prove hazardous if the said entry were an excavation, construction zone etc.

Sometimes, regulations are not about car protection, some exist to ensure a harmonious, trouble-free residing here in Dubai, avoiding all sorts of unnecessary and avoidable problems when possible. As such, carrying and transporting passengers illegally for any reason too serves a 4 black point penalty amongst many others. Using hand-held mobile phones and devices while driving, standing as one of the most commonly penalised violation, not without its risks again, presenting a threat to yourself and others alike.

Lastly, driving without valid car Insurance too lists as a violation of up to 4 points. This is because when you, others or the automobiles involved need protecting and securing, insurance is the way to go, and although considered a violation, it is generally a benefit to us as drivers and passengers. Insuring your car then shields not just you, but others on the motorway too. This and most of the aforementioned are ways for you to protect your car, your car life longevity and other parties involved in the event of say, an accident. Maintenance in cleanliness, hygiene, and others such as fine, violations, penalties and insuring your car are important ways to ensure car care and car protection. Car coverage then reassures you to not have to be worried about damages, extra expenses and the hassle of post-impact formalities. 

3 POINTS violations entail Parking vehicles on the pavement, were designated for pedestrians and civilians. An overload or protruding load on light vehicles without permission poses a potential risk as this means that the vehicle endures more than it can bear. You risk safety as well as your car life longevity, in the long run.

Exceeding passenger limit too, for instance in a vehicle of about 5 passengers maximum, will be penalised for carrying any more. Not using indicators when changing direction or turning, as this serves as the only way to “indicate” the vehicle behind you of your need to turn either side. 

Stopping a vehicle such that it poses danger or block on traffic as this may cause a hindrance as well as an obstruction to others. Abuse of parking space in any way for undesignated use, way or purpose. If a vehicle displays number plates with unclear numbers, it becomes a punishable offence, in that a number plate and its contents serve as a form of identification

2 POINT violations include having indicator lights that are broken or in unusable condition, use of horn in a way that disturbs others and a sense of nuisance, not to mention the use of a horn at all in prohibited areas. Driving with one number plate, on whatever side. And most importantly, parking in prohibited areas.

As stated above, 147 violations have been parted into a form of a point system, where the system serves as regulations and a way for you to protect your car, and ensure car life longevity in the long run. An as much as they seem like a strain is only meant for your betterment as well as others. And the Black Point system in Dubai is just another way of keeping everyone in line with safety and well-being.

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