What are the Health Insurance Requirements for a Golden Visa Holder in UAE?

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Are you a Golden Visa holder in UAE? Know what the health insurance requirements for Golden visa holders are by reading this article.

Health Insurance Benefits and Regulations 

The Golden Visa is an initiative started by the UAE to bring in more contributions towards the growth of the country in all the important economic sectors. Such visa boosts economic activity which contribute to positive growth in GDP. UAE Golden Visa is reserved for a select few who meet the criteria set by the UAE govt which is subject to change every now and then. 

Read this article for details on the benefits of golden visa health insurance in the UAE. 

Quick Read Section

  • The Golden Visa enables expatriates working in UAE to sponsor residence visas for their family members.
  • Golden Visa holders get access to top-notch facilities within UAE, including but not limited to education and healthcare.
  • Holders of golden visa can purchase customized health insurance plans that provide international coverage for their families' medical needs.
  • Enhanced health insurance plans providing additional benefits and comprehensive coverage at discounted rates are ideal for Golden Visa holders.


Read on to know more about health insurance for Golden visa holders and the benefits of having a golden visa.

What is a golden visa in UAE?

The term ‘Golden visa’ refers to an exclusive residence visa that facilitates expats and foreigners to work, live and study in UAE with access to long-term benefits. The Golden visa initiative offers huge benefits to the holders and aims to attract foreign talent with skilled expertise to the UAE.

Golden Visa holders own the special privilege to reside and work in the country, without the support of a sponsor,  for up to a period of 10 years. They also get access to healthcare benefits as well as the permit to sponsor their immediate family members.


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What are the benefits of having a golden visa in the UAE?

Being a holder of a Golden visa in UAE means you are entitled to multiple benefits. They include:

  • You are your own sponsor now! Golden visa holders have the exclusive privilege of not requiring a sponsor to live and work in the UAE.
  • Residence visa holders who travel outside the country need to enter UAE within six months to maintain the validity of their visa. Golden Visa holders, on the other hand, can stay outside UAE for more than 6 months without worrying about the expiry date of their visa.
  • Golden Visa holders can sponsor their family members and dependents irrespective of age. They can also sponsor as many domestic aides as they want under their visa.
  • A golden visa is valid for a long term of up to 10 years, unlike a standard residence visa which must be renewed every two years.
  • In the event that a primary Golden visa holder passes away, his or her family members are still permitted to stay in UAE till the expiry date of their sponsor’s visa.


Who is eligible for getting a Golden Visa in UAE?

Eligibility for a Golden visa in UAE is applicable to individuals fulfilling certain terms and conditions. The eligible groups include:

  • Skilled professionals in fields denoted by the UAE Govt.
  • Investors in real estate
  • Entrepreneurs, Executive directors, Founders,
  • Athletes and sportspersons
  • Inventors and researchers
  • Exceptional talents /prodigy in specialized fields
  • Scientists, doctors, and other healthcare workers
  • Meritorious students in schools and universities
  • Frontline workers in healthcare services
  • Creative arts contributors
  • Citizens involved in humanitarian work.


What are the health insurance requirements for Golden visa holders?

UAE law mandates health insurance for all citizens. As Golden visa holders are self-sponsored, they are obligated to not only provide insurance for themselves but also for their dependents as well

Health insurance law in UAE stipulates certain terms that Golden visa sponsors must take care to follow. They are:

  • Golden visa holders must provide health insurance coverage for all persons whose visas are under their sponsorship if their health insurance is not covered by their employer.
  • Golden visa holders must bear the cost of any health insurance coverage expenses and not their beneficiaries. They should also bear any medical expenses in case of emergencies if the sponsored does not have valid health insurance coverage.
  • Golden visa holders should also check that the health insurance coverage of the sponsored person(s) is effective until the end of their permit duration.
  • Golden visa holders should also provide a health insurance policy and an insurance card upon the issuance of the residence visa of the sponsored persons.


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Health insurance for Golden visa holders in UAE

UAE golden visa holders are entitled to health insurance plans with extra benefits, coverage, and competitive prices. Golden visa holders can choose to buy customised health insurance plans that provide worldwide medical coverage for themselves and their family members. Comprehensive health insurance plans for Golden visa holders range from AED 2,000 up to approx. AED 50k, depending on the hospital network of the insurance provider and the age and pre-existing conditions of the policyholder. Golden visa holders can also avail of basic insurance coverage with premium rates starting from approx. AED 1000 per year.

Insurance plans with comprehensive coverage are best suited for Golden Visa holders as they are likely to work and reside in UAE for a longer period. Enhanced health insurance plans inclusive of optical treatments, dental treatments, out-patient benefits, and global coverage are ideal for golden visa holders. Plans with greater annual sum limits on coverage and direct billing features available abroad are also factors to consider while buying health insurance coverage.

The annual sum limit of Daman insurance plans for Golden visa holders extends up to AED 20,000 and are segregates as various types- Core Silver, Enhanced Gold and Premier plans. These plans can be purchased by any golden visa holder in UAE for themselves and their dependents who are not insured by their employers.

Golden visa holders are also eligible for the obtaining the Esaad privilege under the Dubai Police. The Esaad Privilege card offers Golden visa holders various discounts on education, dining, rent, travel, health and other facilities.


As a Golden Visa holder in UAE, you are entitled to health insurance plans with exclusive benefits. Ensure to do a thorough research of the coverage included, available benefits and the premium rates per year. Reaching out to an insurance broker at Gargash Insurance will help you find a plan that offers the coverage you need and meet your requirements as well.


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