Understanding The Different Types of Health Insurance in UAE

Understanding The Different Types of Health Insurance in UAE 28 Feb, 2022

Gain insight into the various types of health insurance available in the UAE with this informative guide. Understand your options for comprehensive coverage.

  • Introduction:

When you are young, fit and full of drive, it’s easy to think that “I don’t need health insurance” But, this is the myth of invincibility. The world is full of unpredictable occurrences these days and thus you need to be prepared in advance by getting health insurance for yourself and your loved ones.

Health insurance in the UAE gives you cover for medical expenses incurred due to illness, accidents, or injury. You can avail such a policy against monthly or annual premium payments, for a specified period. During this time, if you (a policyholder) are diagnosed with a severe illness or are in an accident, the cost incurred for treatment purposes is borne by your insurance provider.



  • Types of Health Insurance in UAE:

Various types of health insurance policies can benefit you. Health insurance policies in UAE are broadly classified into 5 types. They are Individual Health Insurance Plans, Family Health Insurance Plans, Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans, Group/Employee Health Insurance Plans & Critical illness Health Insurance Plans.

Let us take a closer look at each of these plans below:

  • Individual Health Insurance Plans:

As its name suggests, Individual medical insurance plans are offered by insurance companies within the UAE to a sole policyholder. It offers financial coverage against certain illnesses with several benefits like cashless hospitalisation, pre and post-hospitalization too. But, as this insurance is called “individual health insurance”, the whole sum is provided to only one person.

  • Family Health Insurance Plans:

If you want insurance coverage for your family and are concerned about the cost of health insurance in UAE, family health insurance plans are the best fit. They are affordable and offer wider coverage. Rather than purchasing separate medical insurance policies for every member of your family, you can choose family plans to cover the whole family under one single insurance plan. Family health insurance plans usually restrict the number of policyholders to just you, your spouse and your children (pre-specified). Under this plan, the sum assured is shared by all your family members that are included within the policy. And if you get confused, we are always at your service to help you get the best family health insurance plan perfect for your family’s needs.

  • Senior Citizen Insurance Plans:

Senior Citizen Insurance Plans are specifically designed for anyone who is 60 years old & above. It can be a bit difficult to avail senior citizen insurance plans as only a few of the insurance companies in UAE offer these. Moreover, they usually ask for a medical check-up before providing the plan and even have higher premium rates than the health insurance plans for the young. This is because senior citizens are more susceptible to illnesses and health diseases.

  • Group/Employee Insurance Plans:

Group Insurance Plans are typically provided by employers. These plans are mainly created to include & exclude employees as they join & leave the company, respectively. Group health insurance plans are usually low in premium due to the low risks involved. If you require such a plan, you can appoint us as your insurance broker in such a situation. Our team of health insurance experts know the best way to provide cover for your employees whilst making it affordable for you as well.

  • Critical Illness Insurance Plans:

A critical illness insurance plan is meant to provide coverage for critical, life-threatening illnesses and diseases that are generally not included in a common healthcare plan. These illnesses may require you to have various hospital visits, get treatment for an extended period, and even invest in a variety of pre and post-hospitalization services at an increased cost. But, when you are insured with the critical illness insurance plan, you do not need to worry about any of the above. This is because your insurance company generally arranges a payoff in a large amount for the services and treatments included in your insurance plan.



  • Conclusion:

Owing to the recent pandemic and its variants, one cannot be too careful. Hence, getting insurance cover for yourself, your family, grandparents and even your employees is the most practical and sensitive action you can take. And in such times, when you are busy, you can always engage us, your most trusted & valued health insurance company in UAE to assist you in purchasing the best health insurance plan for you & your family. We are just a click away!



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