Must Have Car Accessories In UAE

27 Jun, 2021

It is convenient to have car accessories that serve to make your life easier or assist in emergencies.

UAE has an excellent public transport system that includes buses, metro etc.  On the other hand, if you prefer to drive your own vehicle, it’s good to have your car fitted with few accessories that make your life easier.

When we purchase a car, whether it’s old or a new one, we all install accessories in it. Most common accessories that the majority of the people prefer investing in include floor mats, car seat covers, sun shades, dash cams, etc & are generally purchased as per their driving requirements. However, few people go to the next level by accessorizing their beloved car solely to showcase their personality. Hence we have come up with few accessories that you should have in your car to make it more convenient and comfortable on the move.

  • Baby car back seat mirror With a backseat mirror you can easily monitor your baby without having to turn around frequently
  • A Car Battery Jumper That's A Must-Have For Any Emergency
  • A Smart Car Charger that helps you locate your car in the busiest of parking lots
  • Mirror Dash Camera added safety on the road, the camera alerts you of potential fatigue
  • Portable Tyre Inflator can assist the tyre by powering it via the power outlet of a vehicle.
  • Mobile Holder as smartphones has become an important part of our life as we’re becoming more and more dependent on our phones for several purposes including using navigation while on the move.
  • Worthy First Aid Kit of an emergency.
  • Grill Guards prevents detailed damage on the front end caused by rocks, high grass, and anything that some vehicles might kick up.
  • Car Alarm to protect your car from the thieves
  • Safety Film on your vehicles' windows can help minimize injuries to the occupants from some flying shattered glasses in case of a car accident.

By installing the above car accessories in your car, you can simply focus on the most important thing i.e. safe driving. But no matter how many accessories you install in your car for safe driving, it is very important to opt for the right car insurance in the UAE. Not only it is legally required as per the RTA law but also it protects your vehicle from all the damages and losses. Contact us today to get car insurance in UAE!


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