Involved in a car accident? How car insurance can help you!

07 Jul, 2021

Car accidents are stressful, and dealing with them requires a substantial amount of time, effort, and money. See more on how your car insurance can help you after an accident.

We live a life of uncertainty not knowing what tomorrow or even the next minute may bring. Driving encompasses a similar experience; you would never know the outcome in the rush of a single moment until it has passed. Whether on the fault of your own or someone else’s, one likely thinks about motor insurance or car insurance, and the expenses only after an accident has occurred. 

Just like caring for and protecting your car, motor insurance is just as important in times of need. A Car insurance policy then becomes vital in protecting, helping, aiding you and others on the motorway in the event of an accident, and many more! 

As such, how will motor insurance help you in case of an accident? Moreover, why is it that you should safeguard your vehicles with a car insurance policy?

Safety for you & others

Motor insurance ensures the safety of both you and others in the sense that each party’s insurance will support the other. No party will have to pay from their personal expenses unless a said party does not have a car insurance policy of any sort. Alternatively, both parties are simply “safe” from paying from their pocket. 

No hunts for garages/ spare parts 

A benefit of having a car insurance policy is that it removes the need to hunt for garages or spare parts unless it were to be out of your own choice. Policies these days reduce the need to search for garages and spare parts because they are generally included under agency repairs, as with some of our policies here at Gargash Insurance, for instance, we offer extended agency repairs of up to 5 years!

Towing & moving

In the event of an accident, and you require towing, recovery and moving services or even a breakdown cover, providers of motor insurance or car accident insurance offer such services and are often featured in their insurance policies for your convenience! Such and many more key features cover your automobiles and vehicles in case of unprecedented mishaps. 

Rent-a-car requirements

After an accident, with your car possibly towed away, know that certain motor insurance policies provide the option of being able to rent a car to continue your journey. This will enable you to go about your schedule while the formalities and procedures are being looked into.  

Cover for driver & passengers

Car insurance covers also provide the option of covering everyone involved in the accident, should they sustain injuries of any sort- this includes the driver and passengers themselves. Additionally, we at Gargash Insurance proffer an array of options such as unlimited Third-party liability for physically injured passengers and individuals.  Depending on the type of car insurance policy you choose we offer Third-party property damage cover of up to AED five million! Such policies and car insurance covers offer all possible options!

Drive mindfully, fearlessly

Having your car is insured should instil fearlessness in you since you will be prepared in the event of an accident or anything that puts your car in harm’s way. You would not have to drive your car with underlying anxiety and a premonition that something may happen! When you choose to buy your car insurance, preferably from us here at Gargash Insurance, you are essentially buying yourself relief from all that pressure! So breathe away your worries in just a few simple steps.

Guaranteed well-repaired vehicles

Compared to your personally known garages, a vehicle repaired under insurance possibly yields a better form and shape to your car, and at a reasonable quotation as promised, no trickery and no taking advantage of! Avoid the need to argue about the poor service and quality of such a provision, when you can help yourself and avail the said benefits of insuring your car (properly)! 

No excess for certain damages

The repair of certain parts may be expensive. These include windscreen damage that is likely to take place in most road accidents, whether on direct or indirect impact and repairs can be rather expensive. Worry no more as with most of our Car Insurance policy options we do not charge extra on windscreen damage or ruptures. 


Similar to most uncertainties in life, accidents are unprecedented and are seen as a strain on anyone involved.  This is most likely because of three key things on impact:


  • Liability
  • Damage to property (yours and other parties involved)
  • Medical (for all/any parties involved)


Liability in the event of anyone holding responsibility or accountability in the accident occurred;

Property damage to your automobile as well as the other party involved;

Additionally, medical attention should anyone obtaining any injuries need it.


The above resonates with why the hassle of an accident is repelled as much as it is, but motor insurance eases the process of keeping your car insured and protected as part of car care, and how you should mind for it! Seeing it as one of your most prized possessions, consistent maintenance, and appropriate care is vital.

We offer you the above and many more advantages as far as Motor Insurance is concerned. Our team of  experts will assist you with multiple car insurance quotes and help you find the one that suits your requirements 


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