June 27, 2021

I Drive a High-End Car, What Things should be included in Car Insurance Policy

Own a high-end car? That's not all you have to do. Ensure that you protect it enough with a car insurance policy. However, what needs to be included in one?

Buying car insurance should be given just as much importance as buying the car itself. With a little understanding of car insurance, you can optimize your insurance purchase and enjoy greater benefits.

When you buy a car insurance you must make sure that the below mentioned are included in your insurance policy to protect your car.

  1. Decide which type of car insurance you need:
  • Comprehensive Insurance: This type of insurance covers you and the other car in case of an accident. Because of the wider coverage, this insurance generally tends to be costly. This insurance covers not only the vehicle against accidents, theft, fire and malicious acts but also personal accidents, in the event that the driver or passengers are injured in a collision and need medical treatment.
  • Third-party liability insurance: This insurance covers only the other car and passengers in case of an accident. Thus, if you opt for third-party insurance cover, the insurance premium will cost much less but you will have to pay for the damage to your own car in case of an accident. If a car has been purchased using a loan, most banks in the UAE will not allow you to buy third party liability insurance and will require the owner to purchase comprehensive insurance.
  1. Choosing Additional Benefits:
  • Agency/ Dealer Repair: As your car is very important to you if you maintain the car in good condition and your car is not too old, add an Agency/Dealer repair cover to your vehicle or if the vehicle is a bit old try to get an insurance which has Premium Garage.
  • Personal Accident Benefit: Personal accident benefit for both Driver and passenger cover will give a benefit up to AED 200,000 in case of death or Permanent Disability due to an accident.
  • Emergency Medical Expenses: This benefit can help you out during an accident and the driver or the passenger’s needs medical assistance. The limit varies for each insurer.
  • Emergency roadside assistance: this benefit will give peace of mind to the owner of the vehicle in case of any emergency roadside assistance is required as below.
  1. Towing service
  2. Battery boosting
  3. Flat tire services
  4. Fuel delivery
  5. Lockout services
  6. Hire car benefit: Hire car benefit provides you with the option of hiring a car during any accidental damage repair

Ensure protection for your high-end car by buy a car insurance with policies made to cater to your specific needs. For more information visit or call 800 - GARGASH

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