Rules of Renewal of Car Registration in the UAE

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Read here everything about the renewal of car registration such as car registration renewal cost, RTA rule, documents required, expiry, etc.

Car Registration Renewal

We know that car insurance in Dubai and all other cities of UAE go hand-in-hand with car ownership in the UAE. Having your car insured is great while on the road, however, there are other pre-requisites of driving to consider from a legal point of view like vehicle registration, vehicle license, etc. And today, we are going to discuss one such requirement: vehicle registration renewal.

Every car running on the roads of the UAE needs to be registered. Otherwise, it can attract traffic fines, impounding, and even more severe charges. You can apply for vehicle registration renewal online or visit your nearest RTA office.  

In this article, we’ll look into the various aspects of the renewal of car registration like car registration renewal cost, RTA rule, documents required, expiry, etc. along with its link with car insurance in Dubai.


Validity of Vehicle Registration in Dubai

Cars or any other vehicle running on the public roads of the UAE must have valid registration at all times. In general, car registration is only valid for 12 months. The RTA rules also mandate that the vehicle registration renewal be done online or offline 30 days prior to the expiry. 

In case, you’re stopped by the authorities with an expired or invalid car registration, you can be fined on various charges as per the situation. 


Fine for Missing the Timely Renewal

For the safety and security concerns that a non-registered car poses, the concerned authorities are very strict regarding this violation. In order to minimize this violation, random checks are conducted by the police. If during these checks you are found driving a vehicle with expired car registration, you can be fined AED 400 or more depending on the severity of the situation. In addition, if your car registration has expired for three months more, your vehicle can even be impounded. 


Grace Period for Car Registration Renewal in UAE

Fortunately, not all is lost if you miss the timely application for your vehicle registration in UAE. Although the validity of your car registration is 12 months in the UAE, the car owners get a one-month grace period for vehicle registration renewal. You will not be subjected to any irregularities or fines or penalties if stopped by the police. To accommodate this extra grace month, car insurance in Dubai usually has a validity of 13 months, however, it is best to confirm this with your insurance broker or insurance advisor to avoid any issues later 


Car Registration Renewal Cost and Late Fee

As mentioned, as per the RTA rules, the registration renewal should be done within the 12-month validity period of the car. If renewed timely, the car registration renewal cost is minimal. For a private light vehicle category car, it is AED 350. For the same category, if the vehicle weight is 3 to 12 tonnes, the cost would be AED 400. Likewise, depending on the vehicle weight and category, the registration renewal cost is applied.


Penalty Fee for Late Car License Renewal

If you apply for vehicle registration renewal after the grace period, you’ll be charged AED 25 on top of the actual registration renewal fee of your car. In fact, for every month that you miss to renew it, the penalty of AED 25 adds up. 

Moreover, if your registration is expired for three months or more, you’ll get a fine of AED 400; and your vehicle can also be impounded. 


Documents Required for Car Registration Renewal

Whether applying for vehicle registration renewal online or offline, the following are some documents you need to provide the RTA:

  1. Expired Registration Card
  2. Driving License
  3. Renewed Car Insurance Policy
  4. Car Test Certificate
  5. Emirates ID/Passport 

Do note that among the documents, car insurance in Dubai is technically mandatory for car ownership.   


Where to Apply for Vehicle Registration Renewal?

If you have a car registered in Dubai, you can apply for vehicle registration renewal online; either on RTA Website or RTA Smart Apps. For offline methods, you can opt for self-service in various customer service machines or visit vehicle and registration centers across the country. 

In case of any query, you can reach out to the RTA office at 8009090. 


Waiting Time for Vehicle Registration Renewal 

Considering all the due processes of online/offline registration, testing, and verification, it can take at least 5 days for vehicle registration renewal. 



There are various rules and regulations regarding vehicle registration renewal in the UAE. Once you know them and follow them to the T, it is actually pretty straightforward. That said, you must have noticed for vehicle registration, how car insurance in the UAE is an integral part of its cost and process. So, whether you are looking for insurance brokers in Sharjah, Dubai, or other places in the UAE, contact our experts in car insurance here.