How to care for your car in Summer?

How to care for your car in Summer? 03 Aug, 2021

There is no specific time for car care and car protection, however, the peak of each of the year’s seasons are prone to various afflictions on your car. Be it UAE’s 50֯ Celsius heat or the 10֯ chill, your car needs attention And as the user of your vehicle, it is advised to have it checked for any needful trouble before the heat or chill comes in full force


  • Car care is not subjected to season, rather by different ways to care for your car in different seasons.
  • Keep your engine cool in the summer, as it overheats and is prone to damages. 
  • Summer’s heat will cause tyres to build pressure and pop, ensure the right amount of air. Ensure all tyres are aligned and that tyres tread deep and capable of handling traction, slippery roads etc. 
  • Check for signs of battery damage. Look for corrosion, build-up of sulphuric acid and have it checked and rectified, or simply replaced by a professional if older than 4 years.
  • Get your air conditioning system checked before summer hits, check and maintain devotedly.
  • Clean windscreen is vital in summer, ensure that vipers are in best-form to clean that dust and splashes from summer, and the mist, snow, rain and fog in winter. Keep windscreen clean at all times.
  • Protect your dashboard with appropriate sunshades, covers etc to prevent damage of leather, and hard surfaces in long run. 

Car protection is not for just one or so seasons a year. Your car life longevity depends on how often you have your routine checks, car care. So if you would rather “prevent” than “cure”, perhaps the following is for you!



With the scorching summer heat, your car engine is likely to overheat and runs as one of the most likely reasons for breakdowns in the summer, with the Air Conditioning running high for so long. This overheating is likely to result in multiple engines and car damages. You should also monitor coolant levels, not just in the summer, but as regularly as you can. Why a coolant helps is because it prevents the possibility of overheating, and engine corrosion, as well as fuel combustion.

Try checking your radiator for potential leaks, cracks, ensure all connections are placed as they should be. Before you can touch anything make sure that your car has cooled down. 


Before you leave to drive, make certain that your tyres do not have any cracks, tears, uneven wears, or any signs of the damage-any time of the year! Summers however seem to be a likely reason as to why your tyres pop from a blowout. Monitor the pressure in your tyres- too much or too little air will be problematic, which is why close monitoring is important! 

 Ensure that all the tyres of your car are aligned well. Verify that your tyres have tread deep and capable of handling traction and slippery roads and bends of the motorway, for your safety and others. 

Perhaps invest in tyres that function efficiently and safely as possible in ALL seasons, as expensive as it may seem, maybe resourceful for you and your car life longevity. Or check, double-check, fill if needed, keep a spare at all times!


High temperatures in the summer can be damaging to the car battery since batteries discharge faster mostly in the summer which also means it works harder in the summer. In excessively high temperatures, batteries are also prone to overheat, bulge, bubble etc which interferes with the battery’s proper functioning. Needless to say, with the Air Conditioning on full blast all day long in the summers it takes a toll on the battery. When you inspect your car for other possibilities, take into consideration checking the battery for corrosion, any likely build-up of sulphuric acid etc. 

If you suspect an odd-functioning battery, take it to experts, have it checked. Chances are that if your battery is tired it just needs charging, if it is deficient and exhausted, it may be best, in the long run, to have it changed. 

Have your car battery tested and checked, and if it is problematic and more than 4 years old. 


If summer is around the corner, make sure you check your air conditioning system before the heat kicks. Car care is caring for an object in your possession, and so another of caring for yourself, and so better car health equals better peace of mind. Do not wait until summer to do your routine checks. Should your air conditioning system not function like it used to or you sense that something is wrong, then have it checked by a car mechanic or expert, if an issue exists, try to have it fixed when possible, to save yourself time and trouble. Your engine isn’t the only one that needs cooling! 


Clean windscreens don’t need timing! They always require clean, spotless and dirt-free surfaces. As such, your wipers need to be in perfect working condition to ensure that spec-free smoothness. If it seems problematic or on the verge of it, make sure you take it to the hands of experts to get it repaired, or perhaps replaced.  

 Get those pesky smudges, splashes, dust off, and not just because they are untidy, but because an excessively dirty windscreen may give way to motorway hazards and dangers especially with rain etc. 


If your parking spot is under direct sunlight, ensure that you make use of shades and protectors from sheltering your car and its beloved parts from becoming damaged from prolonged exposure to the sun. Needless to say, a sun-protected car is likely to be less hot than if without. 


Car care, having to protect your car or having a car means maintaining any time, any day. Why car maintenance is as important as it is because only with consistency can you expect a well-kept car, with health and prolonged car life longevity. Here’s what more you can do to protect your car:

  • Make a habit of routine maintenance, cleaning, disinfecting and sterilising your car when possible. 
  • Keep up with renewals and fines promptly or better yet avoid them as law and safety-abiding citizens of the UAE. 
  • If you feel something is wrong with your car, get it looked at sooner than later, before it spirals into more work and more money.
  • Do not wait till something happens to be the time you think of insuring your car. Be prepared, be safe, be wise. Accidents happen, whether unknowingly or not, in summer, winter-anything. Ensuring your car should top your priorities when you own or buy one. Car insurance is just one of the ways of car protection and really, to protect YOU.                                   

Car care is easily overlooked on buying and owning a car. You do not think of many of the above issues especially if you were first-time car owners. It sounds imaginary until it happens to you and then starts thinking “What next?”. Care and protect your car like you do people. As such, too hot or too cold a climate can pose problems and risks, and without prompt response, can endanger you and others on the motorway. 


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