How A Home & Pet Insurance Will Help You Protect Your Home & Furry Friends!

How A Home & Pet Insurance Will Help You Protect Your Home (& Furry Friends)! - Gargash Insurance 24 Sep, 2021

Home & pet insurance protect homes and pets from unnecessary financial strain and stress. Here is the detail guide on how a home & pet insurance protect your home and the little companions. For more details, read now.

After a long day’s work, amidst all the stress, weariness and insanity of our fast-paced life, we crave the sweet escape and protection of our beloved homes. It is this home you come back to on the good days, on bad ones, on days of confusion, on energetic ones. Not to mention, the company of your little furry friends to help you relax, unwind and let your stress evaporate away for the rest of the day. But have you thought about protecting the dwelling and furry friends you hope to come back to every day? How can you protect your sweet home and beloved pets from an unprecedented event? What can you do to be precautious of something entirely uncalled for?

The answer is Home and Pet Insurance to help protect your home and the little companions that give you comfort in the times you needed them the most.

A home insurance policy protects your home and its contents from loss or damage in unexpected events such as theft, fire, accidents or natural disasters like earthquakes, lightning, storms or floods. A home insurance policy works by providing financial protection in the event of the said calamities.

Features of a Home and Pet Insurance Policy

Knowing that a home insurance policy is meant to protect your home, contents and more, what exactly does “protection” and “support” entail?

Protection of Home:

  • A Home and Pet Insurance policy covers costs arising from damages or losses due to an unexpected circumstance. This includes coverage of fixtures and fittings, repairs etc.
  • Cover for contents in the home including valuables such as furniture, fittings, electrical appliances such as phones, laptops, unspecified clothing, personal belongings (with limits), jewellery, watches, sports equipment and accessories etc.
  • Cover for the policyholder for 12 months’ worth rent, subject to a limit of 20% of the building sum insured up to a maximum of about AED 500,000 or reinstatement of the building to make it fit to live.
  • Third-party liabilities cover taking consideration of interests of the third-party such as tenants (Tenants Liability) and landlords (Landlords Liability), where applicable.
  • Cover for injury of residents of the house including the policyholder, spouse and children of the policyholder as well as the domestic help such as servants, maids and drivers. This means that injuries acquired from the unfortunate incident will be covered in the home insurance plan.

 Protection of Pets:

  • Cost-effective treatment of your cats and kittens, dogs and pups, for any illness, injury or disease that may befall them.
  • Cover of your furry pals up to AED 30,000, including hospitalization costs, surgery, out-patient consultation and treatment.
  • Inclusion of third-party damage and third-party personal injury cover from anything caused by your feisty furry pals.
  • Covers of consultations and treatments by registered and qualified veterinarians in the UAE.

Benefits of Home and Pet Insurance Policy

Given the various features of a home and pet insurance, why they are beneficial and how it helps you in the most unexpected times of need. Consider the below benefits upon insuring with a home and pet insurance policy:

  • Cover for Things Beyond Control

Events like natural calamities and disasters, theft or attempted theft is not within the control of home owners. Why then should they have to bear the cost and inconvenience?

  • Financial Support

The financial support a home and pet insurance offers owners of homes and pets can save them from unnecessary financial strain and stress.

  • Coverage for Appliances at Home

Living in the UAE, we are bound to using appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, fans, coolers, washing machines and more. A home and pet insurance offers cover for any damage incurred by these appliances, including oil or water leaks.

  • Tenants & Landlords liability

With home and pet insurance you can also avail coverage to tenants as policyholders for any damage or losses in an event that makes the tenant liable to the owner. Similarly, the landlord’s liability covers the landlord as a policyholder in an event of damage or losses, such that the landlord is liable to a tenant.  

  • Domestic Servants

A home and pet insurance covers include protection of domestic help including maids, servants and drivers in the unfortunate event of accidents where the said domestic help has had bodily injury or illness during the insurance period. This is in addition to the repatriation expenses the home (or policyholder) may incur.

  • Cover for Fatal Injury

Apart from the property loss or damage that may be incurred due to an unprecedented event or circumstance, the residents of the home may also suffer injuries that may require medical assistance. A home and pet insurance plan effectively covers such visible injuries caused due to the said trauma for the policyholder, their spouse and children.

  • Best Medical Cover for Pets

Avail the best medical covers, services and treatments for your pets without worrying about the cost. Their well-being is all you have to care for.

  • Pet Examinations

You can also benefit from pet examinations at least once a year, by qualified and UAE registered professionals, so your pet buddies can be looked out for.

Over to you

A home and pet insurance plan covers everything from the fixtures and fittings, contents, appliance cover in an event or calamity uncalled for. It also effectively covers for the beloved pets that trot about in the same house, should injuries or illness befall them.

Your concern can rest with the home of your dreams and the pets you adopt with love! You need not worry about the strain that may fall on your shoulders.

For more information on Home and Pet insurance plans and coverages we offer, click here to get a quote and our professionals will reach out to you soon!

Happy and Safe Living!


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