The Importance & Benefits of Cooking At Home

07 Jul, 2021

Cooking at home ensures health, hygiene, and is a way to channel your inner chef. Find out why else you need to ditch takeout and don on that apron!

Sometimes take-out is as simple as the press of a button, a call on your phone, or picking up and voila! This contrasts with home-cooked food where the time, effort and costs are relatively more. This is largely why a lot of us opt for take-out. For those who lead busy and demanding lives, again, take-out seems like the easier way out. However, the advantages of home-cooked food would outweigh the short-lived convenience of takeout, in the short as well as long-term. As far as hygiene, nutrition, cost-effectiveness, or creativity is concerned, home-cooked food will always take the front seat. 

 If you are looking for reasons, or a slight nudge as to why you should consider home-cooked food, you have come to the right place!   


The relationship between take-outs and hygiene is sometimes questionable as take-outs are possibly prepared in less than ideal states of hygiene and cleanliness. However, with home-cooked food prepared, you would put effort into your food's cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitisation. Uncompromising hygiene would top your food and health priorities, bringing healthier outcomes. This cannot always be expected from take-outs, fast food and the like.


One other profound benefit of donning that apron would be to experiment in your culinary space. This means tweaking recipes, getting creative and unleashing that inner Picasso of the culinary world! Are you craving two different things? No problem, why make just one when you can just fuse the two And since this is YOUR kitchen, your apron, your recipes and absolutely YOUR call, that meal is entirely yours to get innovative. Bet you wouldn’t be able to do that with take-out!


When you have the freedom of preparing home-cooked food, you own the power to choose what healthy and safe alternative(s) you would rather have or not. These could either be entire or partial substitutions in ingredients or meals themselves. Moreover, you do not eat just to fill that space in your stomach; instead, you eat for nourishment, strength, and energy to tackle your day. Ensuring that your food is packed with nutrition and a fulfilling diet should be the top of your priorities.

What's more, in 2018 The National Health Centre for Statistics reported that an average of 36.6% of American adults consumed fast food on a given day, primarily between the ages of 20-39. If take-out seems much simpler to choose, think about the health ailments and consequences of Heart diseases, Liver diseases, Diabetes etc. Create health goals and achieve them with delicious, wholesome, nutritious home-cooked food. Ultimately, your goal should be to cook healthy, eat and live healthily and maintaining overall healthy well-being.


With enough attention, you would observe that your take-outs are costing you more money. If you were to calculate how much take-out you had consumed over a period, you would observe how unnecessary they were. It would also seem reasonable to simply buy the ingredients themselves and cook a variety of delicacies you desire. Next time you contemplate that take-out, perhaps consider how much you could save in the long-term since you cook your food fresh and possibly using easy recipes (but healthier too please!).


Have you ever ordered in, had high expectations for that burger you’ve been craving for almost all week, and then left with a slight disappointment when it simply did not deliver in either quality or quantity? You could save yourself that discontentment and frustration next time and just have it cooked at home, for the best results. You could cook to your preferred quantity and finest quality, for a possibly reasonable value for money.


The thing with choosing home-cooked food is that you have the luxury of cooking anything, any time, in any way possible. You are free to decide exactly what you feel like having, and as far as cooking is concerned, you could do so at a time you are comfortable with, instead of having to drag yourself out the door for take-out! Needless to say that in the comfort of your own home, you are free to be as you are.


If you were one to opt for take-out regularly, you run the possible risk of being exposed to the dangers of various packaging materials, such as disposable plastic, which is not advisable to be used with hot food! These dangerously toxic materials possess the harm of various damaging consequences, including being linked to cancer! Having home-cooked food would eliminate that risk, and have food served warm right to you. The packaging also deteriorates the environment.


Most of us live and lead busy and stressful schedules, such that perhaps the mere sight of another phone, computer or device may exasperate you! In such instances, you may be able to find solace in cooking! It would help you unwind to watch a recipe, experiment, try something, relish and finally enjoy the result of your culinary labour. For some, cooking may play an important role in their mental health, to loosen up from all the rigours of a demanding life.

Conclusively, we should always remember to keep in mind that we eat to live, and not the opposite, and so in the quest to make that living considerably healthy we must make various decisions that revolve around the same. As such, perhaps such decisions may start from the kitchen, and although home-cooked food occupies a little more of one’s time, seems slightly expensive than take-out, and the results possibly uncertain, home-cooked food will always be the healthiest, hygienic, and most reliable option before you. Whether your goal is to get healthy, save money, or improve your culinary skills, cooking at home will enable it.

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