Disinfecting Your Car During Covid-19 The Right Way!

10 Jun, 2021

In times like these you must prioritize disinfecting your car to keep yourself and those around you safe. Sanitizing or disinfecting your car requires basic cleaning material like rubbing alcohol, soap, and water. When it comes to maintaining the health of your car, consistency is key. There are a range of measures that can be taken including habitual cleaning, routine servicing, staying on top of fines and more.

We live amidst an unforgettable time in history, a vicious virus raking its way through mankind, claiming many lives in its wake as well as economic repercussions. Moreover, experts primarily advise in the act of prevention as much as possible into the protection from COVID-19. However, as we slowly shift to our “new normal” post-global halt, we must take as much precaution as we can in our daily lives. This includes the cleanliness of us, our surroundings, and just about any surface that may require so. As such one of THE most often used spaces would be our cars and automobiles to commute during these times, whether it is for work, grocery, emergencies, etc. From frequent-touch surfaces such as steering wheels, gear sticks, armrests, locks, handles, seatbelts, and so on, it becomes vital to ensure cleanliness as part of car safety measures into disinfecting your car effectively and suitably in these hazardous times. 


As responsible citizens of a society we play a vital role in not just protecting ourselves, but those around us, even if it entails protecting your car as well. Moreover, should you carry someone who tested positive or came in close contact with someone who did, it is positively urged that you disinfect your car before you commute using the same. Since your car is, after all, one of the most prized possessions you plan on utilizing for day-to-day tasks, it would seem essential to be consistent with cleanliness, maintenance, and routinely sanitization. 


To disinfect your car effectively, you would primarily require sanitization materials needed for car safety of this sort in these trying times and help fight the prevention of this highly contagious virus. 

Here is what you will need:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol (or rubbing alcohol) 70-90% 
  • Soap + Water
  • Cleaning fabric, preferably micro-fibre
  • Oh, and lastly your car! 

Generally, Isopropyl Alcohol or Rubbing Alcohol is the preferred disinfectant used whether in household settings or otherwise. As such it is recommended that it be at least 70-90% to effectively sanitize and kill multiple active viruses and bacteria.

Please note, in the event of sanitizing leather interiors of your car, due to its thin protective layer, it may be damaging to its upholstery to make use of Alcohol of any sort, thus it is advised to clean with a mixture of soap and water just sufficiently. Other hard surfaces may be cleaned using Isopropyl and a cleaning cloth, preferably a microfiber, to deliver the best results, as its dynamic lies in trapping even the smallest dust and dirt particles giving room for higher absorption, reduced mess, and scrapes. As part of the last step of your car safety, ensure a generous time left afterwards to dry, as this would reduce the risk of damp, foul-smelling cushions if your seats were to be made of cloth or fabric of some sort. 


Like all prized possessions in life, your house, children, family, and importantly your health, maintenance and consistency are vital! For instance, want a healthy life? You should eat healthier, keep fit physically and mentally, go for a walk, a jog, relax once in a while, and do it daily! Likewise, the need to disinfect your car is just one of many steps of car care for safe drives and general good automobile “health”. Again, consistency is key.

Look at the following:

  • Maintain a habitual routine of cleanliness and sterility, instead of JUST a one-time thing. Do not wait until someone tests positive to clean that steering wheel! Disinfecting your car is needed even regardless.
  • Routinely servicing of Oil, Air Conditioning filter, Tyres, Brake pads, Radiator checks, and the like for healthy long-term automobile health. 
  • Keep up with renewals and fines promptly; with the growth of technology, you can keep up with fines as conveniently as your phone, for example, the Dubai Police App would enlighten you about the fines you have been penalized with. 
  • On the topic of fines, pay them promptly when you can or better yet, avoid them as law and safety-abiding citizens of the UAE. 
  • And last but not the least, if you feel like something is wrong with your car, get it looked at sooner, when you can before it spirals into something worse.
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