7 Essential Add-ons you should have in your Car Insurance Policy

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Are you looking for car insurance policies with the best value add-ons? Protect your vehicle with add-ons, like agency repairs and roadside assistance, and drive with peace of mind.

Car insurance add-ons: Are they worth it?

Car insurance in the UAE is only complete, with some additional covers. This blog discusses essential add-ons to choose along with your comprehensive car insurance policy.

Quick Read Section

  • Before purchasing a car insurance policy, make sure to compare prices, terms, and conditions of various insurance policies.
  • When you raise a claim, the insurance provider will offer you the original market value of your vehicle, because of the zero-depreciation add-on.
  • The Return to Invoice add-on is factored in as the on-road price cover paid by the insurer.


What Do Car Insurance Add-ons Entail?

Car insurance policies protect you from financial setbacks caused due to accidents. Car insurance offers coverage for damage or loss of an insured vehicle or a third party.  It also covers damage caused by natural calamities, theft, and fire.

You can enhance the coverage of your car insurance policy by opting for add-ons with your comprehensive plans. Although you might have to pay an additional cost for add-ons, they will help you during times of need.


7 Necessary Car Insurance Add-ons to maximize coverage

Here is a list of seven important add-ons you must consider while purchasing a car insurance policy.

1.    Zero Depreciation:

A car's market value keeps decreasing with each passing year. Therefore, when a policyholder raises a claim settlement, the insurance provider only considers this depreciated or current value of the insured vehicle. As a result, the policyholder might need to pay a significant amount from their pockets.

The zero-depreciation add-on will ensure that the insurance company evaluates your vehicle's market value at the time of policy purchase. Furthermore, the insurance company pays for your entire estimated claim amount. However, only cars that are five years old are eligible to avail the benefits of this cover, and the depreciation value depends on the car model, age, parts, etc.

2.    Personal Accident Covers:

Although in the UAE car insurance coverage includes the insurer's vehicle and belongings, personal accident add-ons will cover you against physical injuries as well. These add-ons provide a predetermined pay-out depending on the injuries. The pay-out is beneficial to pay hospital bills and other medical expenses.

3.    Engine Protect:

The engine protect add-on is a wise choice for people living in calamity-prone zones. Since the damages caused by natural calamities fall under consequential losses, like the flooding of roads, clogged drains, and flash floods, this add-on will aid you in claiming a settlement for any resulting damage to your vehicle's engine.

4.    Agency Repairs:

Your choice of car repair services significantly impacts your car insurance policy premium. The agency repair add-on will ensure all car repairs are serviced at the original car manufacturer's workshop using genuine spare parts. While most car insurance companies offer up to three years of agency repairs, it becomes an optional add-on following that period.

5.    Consumables:

Car repairs need many consumable parts like bolts, nuts, engine oil, ball bearings, grease, AC gas, and coolants. All these essential parts are subject to repair costs and are usually not covered under insurance plans. However, if your car is insured with consumable add-ons, the insurance provider is liable to compensate you for these incurred costs.

6.    Roadside Assistance:

Roadside assistance is a top-featured service on any car insurance policy, offering services like replacing a flat tyre, delivering gasoline, boosting batteries, and more. This add-on is essential in the UAE, where harsh climates and a naturally dusty atmosphere can severely damage vehicles.

7.    Return to Invoice:

The Return to Invoice add-on is essentially for theft or when a vehicle incurs irreparable damage. This add-on will enable you to receive an equivalent amount to the current market value of your insured car.


Why Do You Need Add-ons for Your Car Insurance?

A car insurance plan guarantees the policyholder financial assistance during accidents. A comprehensive plan saves you from experiencing financial losses due to unavoidable accidents that damage your car. By choosing add-ons at the time of policy purchase, you can get more coverage and lessen the financial strain caused due to unforeseen accidents. You must choose add-ons with your basic insurance plans, such as personal accident covers, engine protection, and roadside assistance.


Car insurance add-ons offer several protective benefits to the policyholder. However, you need to evaluate and determine which add-ons are the most beneficial for you. You can choose suitable add-ons depending on your car's age, tyre quality, location, and other factors. With various car insurance options available today, it can be overwhelming to choose a suitable policy. However, car insurance brokers can assist you in comparing different plans with the best value add-ons. Insurance brokers will also help you to get insurance premiums that suit your budget and avail the best benefits for your car.  


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