7 Effective Ways To Beat Seasonal Flu And Stay Healthy This Winter

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Seasonal flu rates are rapidly increasing in the UAE. Discover 7 effective ways to stay healthy and resilient during the winter months. Read more!

Seasonal influenza is a disease that primarily affects the respiratory organs, especially the nose and pharynx. It has a range of symptoms, varying from mild to symptom. Those diagnosed with seasonal influenza can take from few days up to a week to recover. In some cases, influenza can lead to complications such as breathing difficulties and inflammation of organs, especially among young children and the elderly.

Seasonal flu rates are rapidly rising in UAE this winter with people catching influenza or falling ill with common cold. You can see people sniffling, coughing, and sneezing everywhere you look due to the chilly weather.

A major contributing factor to the spread of influenza this season is the relaxation of Covid-19 regulations and the removal of masks. Social distancing is no longer practiced with the decline in the number of Covid cases. But on the other hand, the number of influenza cases in winter is increasing with the change in weather. 


Quick Read Section:

  • Seasonal flu rates are increasing during the winter weather in UAE. The reason for the increase can be attributed to the easing of Covid-19 rules and guidelines.
  • It is important to be aware of the symptoms of influenza, as it has similar symptoms to Covid-19.
  • Practicing personal hygiene and avoiding close contact with those who are ill can help in stopping the spread of flu to others.
  • Vaccinating yourself against seasonal illnesses is another effective way to keep up your immunity and prevent complications.
  • Home remedies such as inhaling steam and gargling can provide relief from nasal congestion and sore throat. They are cost effective alternatives to expensive medicines for colds.


Seasonal Flu Prevention Measures

Winter season generally is the time of the year when people tend to fall sick more and catch respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia. Viruses spread higher during winter when the weather is dry and windy. This has led to many cases being reported in UAE, especially among school children. 

As people prefer to stay indoors during winter, the chances of close contact with infected people are higher. Remaining inactive and lack of Vitamin D are other factors that have increased vulnerability to seasonal allergies during winter.

The common symptoms of Influenza include fever, headache, body pain and fatigue, with diarrhoea experienced in severe cases. Since the symptoms of Covid-19 and flu are similar, an RT-PCR test is required to accurately distinguish between the two.


Below are some preventive measures against falling sick from seasonal flu this season.

1. Social Distancing:

Keeping a safe distance from people exhibiting symptoms of common cold and cough is an effective measure against communicable infections. When you fall sick, wear a mask to avoid the spread of germs and protect others from catching your seasonal allergies.

2. Use of Masks or Face coverings:

Cover your face while sneezing and coughing by cupping your mouth or using a tissue. This prevents germs from spreading through air droplets, which is the main pathway of infection to other people.  

3. Practicing personal hygiene:

Sanitize and wash your hands constantly with soap or handwash, especially before eating food and touching your face. This will reduce the risk of contaminating yourself and others with germs.

4. Stay at home if unwell:

Try to take sick leave from school, or work when you fall ill to decrease the spread of seasonal flu. If you have no choice but to go outside, wear a mask to stop the spread of germs.

5. Vaccination:

Vaccination is the most efficient tool in the prevention of flu and enables the body to stay immune to the influenza virus.

Get vaccinated against seasonal influenza and flu to reduce the risks of complications.

6. Sterilized surroundings:

Disinfect door handles, tables, and other commonly used surfaces at work, home, or at school when infection rates are high.

7. Balanced diet and fitness: 

Stay fit by exercising daily and eating nutritious food to increase immunity against cold and flu. Drink plenty of water and manage stress levels to keep yourself healthy this winter.


Home remedies for seasonal allergy relief

  • Hot Soup for relief from congestion:

Drinking warm chicken soup or beef bone broth helps you unclog your nose congestion and provides relief to your infected throat. It also helps you stay hydrated and provide you with protein and other nutrients to keep up your strength.

  • Eating Zinc-rich foods:

Increase your zinc intake by including foods rich in zinc. Zinc is good for your immune system and helps your body produce disease-fighting white blood cells. Zinc is found in foods such as shellfish, beans, eggs, nuts, lentils, dairy, red meat, and chickpeas.

You can also choose to buy zinc or multivitamin supplements, or homeopathic medicines for flu prevention from the pharmacy.

  • Gargling for sore throat:

Gargling daily with warm water and salt provides instant relief for sore throat and congestion. Make sure to not swallow the salt water but spit it into a sink after gargling.

  • Drinking Herbal tea:

Hot herbal tea is another cold and flu treatment that has proven to be effective in providing relief for sore throat. Herbs such as star anise andmedo cumin seeds have medicinal properties that provide protection from flu viruses. Take one cup of green or black tea daily, before bed and after waking up. Add herbal ingredients such as ginger, garlic, turmeric, clove and honey for relief from cold and cough.

  • Essential Oils:

Using essential oils such as tea tree oil, cinnamon oil, eucalyptus oil, thyme oil and others helps in stopping the rate of viral infection. You can add a few drops of oil to your lotion or hand wash.

  • Steam inhalation:

Inhale steam to soothe your sinuses and chest congestion. You can add a few drops of essential oil to relieve irritation in the nose and throat.

Being affected by respiratory illnesses such as influenza can negatively affect our immunity and weaken our strength in the long run. It is therefore important to balance our diet with immunity-building foods and reduce the consumption of cold foods in winter.

Following good personal hygiene habits and practices are the most effective way to stop the transmission of seasonal flu. Reset your personal hygiene goals with these preventive measures and stay safe from seasonal influenza.


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