5 Fuel Stations Located Near You in the UAE

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Want to know the best fuel stations in the UAE? Look no further! We have compiled a list of 5 top-rated fuel stations right near you.

The Best Petrol Stations to Buy Fuel in the UAE

Fuel stations in the UAE are an important part of life in the country. With the rise of petrol and diesel prices, it is essential to find reliable and affordable fuel stations to meet everyday needs.

The UAE has a number of fuel stations that provide petrol and diesel at competitive prices. These fuel stations are located across the country, making them easily accessible for all kinds of vehicles. They offer a range of services, such as car washes, convenience stores, and other facilities that make them an ideal choice for motorists.


Quick Read Section

  • The main gas stations in the UAE include EMARAT, ENOC, and ADNOC.
  • ADNOC supplies fuels suitable for low- and high-compression engines, that are environmentally friendly and reduce emissions.
  • A variety of fuels, including Special ULG 98 and Special ULG 85, are supplied by ENOC stations to individual vehicles, fleets, and aircraft.
  • Non-fuel facilities such as convenience stores, insurance ATMs, repair services, vehicle testing services, and fast-food restaurants are available at fuel stations in the UAE.


Let’s look at the top petrol stations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the Northern Emirates.


Top Petrol Stations in the UAE

EMARAT, ENOC and ADNOC are some of the leading fuel stations located across the UAE. Their convenient locations and competitive prices provide an easy way to refuel your car without worrying about running out of petrol or diesel.


1.     EMARAT:

Alternatively known as Emirates General Petroleum Company (EGPC), Emarat is a reputed fuel service company with stations located all across the UAE. Established in 1981, Emarat has since then expanded with 108 service stations catering to the population in Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

Emarat has modernistic and technologically advanced filling stations that supply fuels to trucks, commercial fleets, cars, and air crafts. It caters to both private and public sector needs and serves big corporations and industries in the UAE.

Emarat Stations supply:

  • Natural Gas
  • Super 98- For High Performance Cars
  • Special 95 for Saloon cars
  • Gas Oil (Diesel)
  • E-Plus 91for commercial fleets and trucks
  • Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) – Cylinders and Bulk
  • Lubricants
  • Aviation Fuel


Non-Fuel Facilities at Emarat Fuel Stations

  • Convenience stores
  • Manual car wash services
  • Car care facility
  • LPG supply
  • ATM Kiosks
  • Food court
  • Lube Express
  • Tyre-changing services
  • Vehicle inspection facility


2.     ADNOC:

ADNOC is one of the largest fuel supply chain companies operating in the UAE. Founded in 1973, ADNOC has more than 400 fuel stations located across the country. It offers various types of fuel suitable for low and high-compression engine vehicles. They also supply eco-friendly fuels with low sulfur to reduce emissions and boost performance of vehicles. ADNOC stations are mostly found in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, with a few stations located in Dubai closer to these emirates.

ADNOC Stations supply:

  • Super 98- Ideal for High Compression Engine Vehicles
  • Special 95-Ideal for Medium Compression Engine Vehicles
  • E-Plus 91- Ideal for Low Compression Engine Vehicles and Fleets
  • Low-Sulfur Diesel
  • Natural Gas for Vehicles
  • Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)


Non-Fuel Facilities at Emarat Fuel Stations

  • Tyre and oil changing service,
  • Car wash service,
  • Bi-fuel conversion service,
  • Third-party car care facility,
  • Repair services,
  • Convenience stores,
  • Salik Top Up,
  • Prayer rooms,
  • Restroom facilities.


The fuel station also provides self-service stations and EV charging stations for electric vehicle owners. In recent months, ADNOC has introduced Fill and Go fuel stations, powered by AI technology. They operate using smart cameras and digital screens that store the data of the customer, their vehicle model and preferred fuel experience.


3.     ENOC & EPPCO:

Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) is a household name in UAE’s fuel industry and has recently merged with EPPCO petrol stations. Operating in UAE since 1993, ENOC has more than 116 fuel stations at present and is owned by the Dubai Government.

ENOC stations supply fuels of various qualities such as Special ULG 98 and Special ULG 85 to cars, fleets, and aviation vehicles.

ENOC Stations supply:

  • Super ULG 98
  • Special ULG 85
  • Emirates Gas Aerosol Propellant (EGAP)
  • Cutting Edge Gas (CEG)
  • R-290
  • Gasoline
  • Diesel
  • Kerosene
  • Asphalt 60/70
  • Jet A1
  • Fuel Oil 180


Non-Fuel Facilities at ENOC Fuel Stations:

  • Convenience Stores
  • Insurance ATMs
  • Maintenance and repair services
  • Vehicle testing and registration services.
  • Fast Food outlets- Popeyes and Paavo’s Pizza


4.     CAFU- Fuel Delivery App

In addition to fuel stations in UAE, you can also order fuel delivery online. CAFU is UAE’s one-of-a-kind fuel delivery app that you can use to refuel your vehicle at any time of the day.

CAFU’s online fuel services are time saving and can be accessed from anywhere in UAE. The cost of refueling with CAFU is almost the same as driving to a nearby petrol station. The price for a single fuel delivery is AED 18 and AED 45 for any number of orders for a month.


What are the types of fuels available in the UAE?

Fuels in the UAE are categorized based on their Octane ratings. Octane ratings help measure fuel stability and heat resistance. These are the types of fuel available in the UAE:

1.     E-Plus Petrol (91 Octane)

2.     Special Petrol (95 Octane)

3.     Super Petrol (98 Octane)

4.     Diesel


It is important to know the fuel type compatible with your car’s engine. This is mentioned in the user manual that you receive when you purchase a new car. Not knowing the right kind of fuel for your vehicle and using cheaper and alternative fuels can damage the engine. Ensure that you purchase the right fuel for your car to avoid excess damage and retain fuel efficiency. Using the right fuel within the recommended Octane grade also helps maintain the life and performance of your car.

Car insurance covers damage to the engine due to an inappropriate choice of fuel. It also offers coverage for personal accident damage, loss by theft or explosion, fire, accidental damage, or damage to a third-party person or property. The best way to buy car insurance is through a car insurance broker. With the help of a Car Insurance Broker you can obtain the best deals on motor coverage including comprehensive coverage and premiums at discounted rates. Car insurance brokers can assist you in comparing and negotiating the best rates for car insurance renewals and claim settlements. Buy car insurance to secure your vehicle from unfortunate accidents and protect yourself from unexpected financial emergencies.


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